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Pitch Session "Top investment projects on investinregions.ru"

16 Jun , 10:30–11:30
Pavilion G, Innovation Space

The investment platform of Russia's regions, investinregions.ru, is a modern and popular digital resource that brings the investment agendas of all Russian regions together in one place. The platform is a joint project of the Roscongress Foundation and RC-Investments Foundation, supported by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. Traditionally, as part of big Roscongress Foundation events, selected investment projects from the platform are given the chance to be presented to the general public in order to find like-minded individuals or investors. Investment opportunities presented at past events have included tourism projects for the construction of recreation centres, glamping sites, projects for ecological recycling of waste materials, information logistics solutions and many more. As a result, both Russian and foreign investors have shown interest in the projects.
This year, as part of the SPIEF 2022 anniversary, we are delighted to invite Forum participants to learn about current and developed ideas, as well as about the Investment platform of Russian regions. The session will feature a selection of top projects posted on investinregions.ru. The project organizers will talk about their initiatives in various sectors, share their experiences and answer questions.

Alexandra Beloshitskaya, executive Director of the Fund RC-Investments

Maxim Belyaev, Partner, “RK-CHEF”
Alexey Zolotarev, CEO “RK-Smart”
Dmitry Kurshin, CEO, Intersan Plus
Anton Neshataev, CEO
Georgy Pavlov-Silvansky, Partner, “RK-CHEF”
Sergey Petrov, Founder of the company "Under the sky"
Ekaterina Prokopenko, CEO, Alatyr LLC
Gennady Taldykin,, President, SAGA Corporation
Albert Khachatryan, CEO, QVEDO LLC
Alexander Chugunov, CFO, QVEDO LCC