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Unmanned Fantasies of an Autonomous Economy: Flying, Driving, Diving

06 Jun , 09:00–10:00
pavilion G, Innovation Space

The session will focus on unmanned technologies in growing sectors of the economy: the transport, construction, logistics, agribusiness, mining, and processing industries. The discussion will encompass land-based, underwater, and flying drones in Russia and bring together leading experts and visionaries in the autonomous technologies sector to discuss the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly developing sector of the economy.
What happens when a pilot goes remote, but the vehicle keeps functioning? We already have driverless cars and trains on our roads. When will machines replace us? Is this technology ready to bolster labour efficiency and productivity, and how far can this partnership between man and machine go? What public assistance is needed to develop this segment of the economy? How will the autonomous economy change the face of all industries?
Key topics:
• New abbreviations for the autonomous economy: UAVs, UDVs, and UUVs
• The future of drones in Russia: examples of their use in new sectors of the economy
• AI, hybrid engines, and other technological innovations in UAVs
• Stop factors for the development of an autonomous economy: laws, infrastructure, and resources
• Investment in the development of UAVs
• Drone vs. human: efficiency, time, and skills. Ethical limitations of ‘unhuman’ technologies

Andrey Levchenko, Presenter, RBC TV Channel
Alexey Podryabinnikov, Vice President, Director for Corporate Customer Relations, Rostelecom

Front row participants
Evgeny Abakumov, Director for Information Infrastructure, State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom; Scientific Director, Scientific Center of Information Technologies and Artificial Intelligence, Sirius University
Alexey Belyakov, Vice-President, Executive Director of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation
Pavel Popov, Deputy General Director, JSC Research and Design Institute of Informatization, Automation and Communications in Railway Transport
Vladimir Sakovich, Chief Executive Officer, Sk Capital
Alexey Fetisov, General Director, T1
Olga Chebunina, Vice President for Innovation of the Damate Group of Companies, Deputy Chairman of the ICC "Agro-Industrial Complex"