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Presentation of the international cyber battle Standoff

06 Jun , 10:30–11:30
The Opening Ceremony
pavilion G, Innovation Space

Cyber security today has become one of the key components of the sustainability of any business or an entire industry. Over the past 2 to 2.5 years, the Russian economy has accumulated unique experience in operating sustainably in the face of massive cyberattacks. SPIEF, as a platform for discussing significant economic events, is part of this trend: international cyber training organized by Positive Technologies will be held here. During the cyber training, cyber security specialists from different countries will test and improve their skills required for reliable protection of companies, enterprises and entire industries. Especially for the Forum, the information and production infrastructure was recreated to simulate real-life companies and businesses, including those from the financial sector, industry, electric power, oil and gas, and housing and utilities, including virtual offices and production processes. Teams of participants are divided into attackers and defenders. The attackers will test the security of all circuits of information systems, aiming to create the maximum number of critical incidents and score as many points as possible for successfully conducted attacks. Defenders will investigate incidents and counter attackers, enhancing their skills and adding to their knowledge of IS to further improve information systems. SPIEF guests will be able to observe the process in reality: on a mock-up containing physical models of enterprises and production facilities with a kinematic representation of the consequences of attacks, as well as on a screen with a virtual copy of the infrastructure. Representatives of business and government organizations will discuss the goals, objectives and experience of participating in the cyber exercises.

Front row participants
Egor Bogomolov, CEO of CyberED
Andrey Lavrov, First Deputy General Director of JSC Greenatom
Aleksey Novikov, Director of Expert Security Center, Positive Technologies