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Client Digital Security. Trust Code of the New Times

06 Jun , 12:00–12:45
pavilion G, Innovation Space

In the modern world, where innovation and advanced technologies permeate every aspect of our lives and each user leaves behind a substantial digital footprint, the range of security threats is on the rise. Hackers are constantly improving their methods and tools. Ordinary users, corporations, and even entire countries suffer, as people lose billions of dollars, personal data, and sometimes even their lives.
It is essential to not only develop technology solutions to protect data and savings, but also to ensure that these solutions are understandable and accessible to the end user. Only an integrated approach to security can ensure the reliable protection of systems against threats. A ‘security triangle’ of the state, business, and the client needs to be built.
Mobile operators are starting to warn customers about risks on their device screens, automatically block suspicious calls, particularly for older subscribers, and provide feedback to financial institutions if suspicious activity is detected. But the threats of spam and fraud cannot be overcome alone, which is why market leaders advocate partnerships with business and the government.

Key questions:
• What are the main threats to corporate information systems, and what measures do we need to take to protect them?
• Successful cases: the most effective techniques – in practice
• What interagency work is needed to ensure intersectoral regulation aimed at improving the digital security of Russian citizens?
• How can we restore consumer confidence in telephone communications and remote public services?
• What is the social impact of fraudsters’ actions?

Alexander Torbakhov, General Director, VimpelCom

Front row participants
Stanislav Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank
Aleksey Novikov, Managing Director of Positive Technologies
Vladislav Povolotsky, General Director, Center for Biometric Technologies
Christina Spireva, Director of Service Development, Wildberries
Dmitry Ugnivenko, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Filippov, Deputy Head of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Moscow
Artem Sheikin, Member of the Federation Council Committee of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Constitutional Legislation and State Building