Территория инноваций

Geoinformation Technologies and Space Monitoring. Success Stories and a New Generation of Researchers

08 Jun , 11:30–12:30
pavilion G, Innovation Space

Russia’s industry of space services, technologies, and products is making strides. Experienced space industry specialists are focusing on aerospace research of the Earth, innovative developments for space monitoring, and the creation of a brand-new spacecraft guiding device. But the sovereign industry that is emerging is in dire need of fresh talent.
What challenges and tasks await young professionals? How does the continuity of generations develop and deepen scientists’ professional skills? How are innovative developments used in practice?

Nadezda Kamynina, Rector, Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography

Front row participants
Vladimir Brusilo, Co-Founder, Deputy General Director, AGM Systems
Mikhail Gordin, Rector, Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Dmitry Guzhelya, Deputy General Director, ANO Russia – Land of Opportunity
Sergei Korsakov,
Viktor Savinykh, cosmonaut, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Dmitry Shishkin, Director of the Administrative Department, Roskosmos State Corporation for Space Activities