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Development of the video game industry and game analytics

08 Jun , 13:00–14:00
pavilion G, Innovation Space

The session will discuss the specifics of game design development, barriers in the development of the video game industry, features of art development, artefacts in the game industry: development of directions on data algorithms, peculiarities of application of methods of game content and its processing.

Maxim Kucher, Founder of the Artificial Intelligence Development and Integration studio Maxden.AI

Front row participants
Andrey Belov, Producer of the game "Smuta" studio Syberia Nova
Evgenia Belousova, Leader of the tech-community VK Tekhprosvet, editor-in-chief, TG channel "Louis Ivanovich Vyuton"
Nikita Martynov, PR Director, VOICE Brand
Alexander Mikheev, VK Play Product Director
Evgenia Plotnikova, Founder, NFT CONF Ed Community
Roman Sakutin, Founder of the Agava game studio and the "I am Junior" school
Andrey Smirnov, Blogger, member of the "Clickclack" channel