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Smart City Technology: Rebooting 2022

15 Jun , 15:00–16:00
Pavilion G, Innovation Space

Mobility, environmental friendliness, and safety are the main trends in technological development of megacities. Every year, digital transformation covers more and more Russian cities. An important element of it is the opportunity to influence the environmental agenda and make large cities more adaptable to climate change. Thanks to the introduction of the latest technologies, megacities are transforming into ecosystems where all elements of the urban economy are interconnected and decisions are made based on big data analysis.
Russian technologies for smart home systems should become a priority for use in new apartment buildings in the next year. Cities are ready for digitalization, but what about domestic developments? What technologies are already being introduced today to create smart cities? Should we expect a shortage of components in the smart systems market? What prospects do experts see in import substitution of devices for smart cities?

In Focus:
● Innovative solutions for smart cities: which technologies are most in demand in Russia?
● Import substitution perspectives: who will be developing smart home systems?
● What will be the demands of the cities of the future, and how can this demand be anticipated today?
● How does Big Data help companies improve customer service by making cities more comfortable?
● Adaptation to climate change in a megacity
● Which technologies and urban ideas are most attractive for investment and why

Ignat Bushukhin, Editor-in-Chief, RBC Real Estate

Alexander Belskiy, Chairman, Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg
Dmitry Dyrmovsky, Chief Executive Officer, Speech Technology Center
Kirill Kaem, Senior Vice-President for Innovations, Skolkovo Foundation
Dmitrii Markov, General Director, VisionLabs
Valeria Matukhina, CEO of SberTroyka
Vladimir Shchekin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Co-owner, Rodina Group