Территория инноваций

Innovation in Advertising Technology. Brands 3.0

16 Jun , 17:15–18:15
Pavilion G, Innovation Space

Technological progress not only develops countries, cities, and companies, but also communication. Innovation in advertising is characterised by the emergence of new interactive technologies, which in today's world are a driver of societal development as well as a way of doing business effectively.
Innovations in advertising technology involve data and analytics, algorithmic content programming, the emergence of new "universes'', and the active deployment of AI.
Speed is crucial for innovation; the technological communication space moves at lightning speed.
During the session, experts will discuss:
• What new technological solutions for business exist in the advertising technology market?
• Digital universes and their relation to the promotion of products and services
• What are the specifics of packaging and promoting new products, the so-called brands 3.0?
• DeepTech as a new industry vector

Ruben Oganesyan, CDO, Media1

Irina Alekseeva, commercial director, VK
Georgy Epifanov, Media Research Team Leader, SberMarketing
Dmitry Lazarev, Advertising business director, Beeline
Konstantin Parshin, Vice President, Executive Director of IT Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation
Marina Surygina, Digital Transformation Director, Gallery