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The Road to IT Independence: How to Increase Trust in Domestic Developments

17 Jun , 11:30–12:30
Pavilion G, Innovation Space
In partnership with VEB Ventures

The current situation is becoming a window of opportunity for domestic software and hardware developers. 20 billion roubles have been allocated by the Russian Government to support investment projects dealing with the development of promising technologies and manufacture of products for industry. According to preliminary estimates, we are talking about 50 projects that are capable of replacing foreign analogues.
To strengthen the country's technological sovereignty, it is important to support existing domestic products as well as encourage businesses to develop new solutions that the domestic industry desperately needs. It is equally important to achieve a change in the consciousness of people themselves, shifting previous dogmas towards acceptance and trust in Russian products.
• How to increase confidence in domestic IT products?
• What non-obvious techniques can be used to address the thorny issues of software and hardware import dependency?
• How can we make the transition to Russian solutions as seamless as possible?

Oleg Teplov, Chief Executive Officer, VEB Ventures

Pavel Gontarev, Managing Director, VK Digital Technologies
Evgeniy Kovnir, General Director, Digital Economy
Kirill Menshov, Senior Vice President for Information Technology, Rostelekom
Igor Milashevsky, Chief Executive Officer, GLONASS
Aleksey Parabuchev, CEO Moscow Innovation Cluster Foundation
Pavel Rastopshin, Managing Director, Zyfra
Ivan Turinge, CEO of Urent