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AI in Education – The Post-Hype Landscape. What Technologies and Applications have Proved Effective and What New Points of Growth Exist?

17 Jun , 12:45–13:45
Pavilion G, Innovation Space
In partnership with Skolkovo Foundation

Over the past few years, the education industry has gone from inflated expectations of the use of AI technology to certain disappointments and a reassessment of the technology's potential in the industry.
The issues of economic feasibility, explainability, and trustworthiness of AI, protection of personal data, the evolving role of the teacher, the changing model of the educational process, and the position of the regulator require further analysis and discussion.

• In what areas of the educational process has the use of AI proved effective?
• What were the frustrations and what lessons can be learned from the experience of using AI in training?
• What decisions need to be made now to support and develop AI technologies in Russian education and support the export potential of domestic developers?

Natalia Tsarevskaya-Dyakina, Director, EdTech Innovative Educational Projects Accelerator, EdStar

Vitaly Altuhov, co-founder, Profilium
Natalia Zhuravleva, CEO SberEducation (SberObrazovanie)
Dmitry Krutov, General Director, Skillbox
Sergey Mardanov, Director of University Relations, VK