Roscongress Club

Business session. Filmmaking in Russia: a new stage.

17 Jun , 11:30–13:00
Roscongress Club in partnership of the Association of Film and Television Producers

In the spring of 2022, the Russian film industry is facing a test of strength. Large Western specialized producers of content, technologies and equipment have left the domestic market, but Russian film companies and representatives of creative professions have the opportunity to demonstrate everything that our industry has mastered in the 21st century.
Soviet cinema and the Russian acting school are brands that have long been known throughout the world and, at the same time, the foundation on which modern Russian cinema stands. Our artists and directors have experience of participating in the largest international projects and winning the world's major film festivals. This year, the state has significantly increased the amount of financial support for film production, regional governments are actively introducing rebates for filmmakers who come to shoot films and series in their regions. All of the above gives reason to believe that Russian cinema will be able to attract and retain the attention and interest of the audience, but at the same time, there are a number of issues that require immediate discussion and resolution.


Olga Zhukova, Executive Director, Association of Film and Television Producers (APKiT)

Albert Ryabyshev, CEO, producer, co-founder of R-Media filmmaking company


Sergey Novikov - Head of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation for Public Projects

Administration of the President of the Russian Federation for Public Projects

Roman Karmanov - General Director, Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives

Alexey Fursin - Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow

Fedor Sosnov, Russian Film Foundation, CEO

Maxim Ksenzov, Director General of the Military Patriotic Cinema Foundation

Akopov Alexander Zavenovich, President of the Russian Television Academy Foundation. Member of the Russian Television Academy since 2001, film and television producer. Co-founder and general producer of COSMOS Studio.

Marina Belova, Deputy General Director of Channel Five, producer

Alexey Goreslavsky, General Director, ANO Internet Development Institute (IRI)

Andrey Nikitin, Governor of the Novgorod Region

Andrey Yermak, Minister of Culture of the Kaliningrad Region

Vladimir Utin, General Director, Lean-M Production Center

Inessa Yurchenko, General Producer, Triix Media Film Company

Sergey Shcheglov, General Producer, Triix Media Film Company

Viktor Budilov, General Producer, Gamma Group of Companies