SPIEF.Junior Forum

How Corporations Create Sector Motivation: How ESG-Values and CSR-Programmes Make Companies More Attractive to Young People?

17 Jun , 09:00–10:15
Panel discussion
Pavilion F, Point Junior conference hall, inner courtyard

In the age of the Internet and open data, today’s youngsters strive to be full participants in the global socio-economic agenda. They form their own public opinion concerning any events of significance to them. The choice of future profession, determination of development paths and attitudes to corporate activities are all becoming subject to public research. Environmentally friendliness, social responsibility, kindness, a high degree of independence and opportunities to realize one’s personal potential are what school pupils want to see in their future employer. It is important for generation Z to feel that they are changing the world for the better. According to the latest research, for instance, 70% of the younger generation would not accept a job offer unless the potential employer has ESG-agenda and CSR-programmes.
- What significant projects are implemented by businesses as part of CSR and ESG-agenda?
- Industrialists’ contribution to making the economy greener: how should corporations make society, especially young people, objectively aware of their activities?
- What engineering career orientation and industry motivation practices do companies use today?
- What motivates big companies to work with the younger generation and what are the differences between corporate approaches?

Gulnara Bikkulova, Deputy General Director - Director of International Initiatives and Partnerships, Rosatom Corporate Academy
Maria Zalunina, Head of CSR, National Media Group
Renat Mamin, Director, Tatneft Charity Foundation
Elena Myakotnikova, Public Advisor to the Head, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh)

Aygul Shadrina, Member of the Youth Council of Oil and Gas Industry, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation