SPIEF.Junior Forum

Bloggers on Campus

18 Jun , 09:00–10:15
Public talk
Pavilion F, Point Junior conference hall, inner courtyard

As social media have spread, blogging has become popular. It has become so deep-rooted in society that some Russian higher education institutions offer courses on blogging, with its history, development and practical advice on how to bloc successfully. But the best lesson for beginning bloggers and future SMM-managers is to find out directly about failures and the secrets of success from popular idols among young people. At SPIEF.Junior, youngsters can ask leading Russian bloggers themselves about how to become a successful blogger and how to make content that will interest millions of people, talk to head of the Internet Development Institute Alexey Goreslavskiy and ask him hot questions about the Runet.
- In blogging, is it better to learn from success or mistakes?
- Is there any secret to popularity on the Internet?
- How to draw a growing audience each time?
- Is being a blogger a separate profession?
- How does blogging promote business?

Yulia Ablets, Deputy Director General, Dialogue Regions
Anatoly Tsoy, singer, blogger
Zera Chereshneva, Strategic Projects Director, VK

Irina Karikh, Director, Youth Projects, Russia – A Land of Opportunities Autonomous Non-profit Organization