SPIEF.Junior Forum

School for Young Governors

18 Jun , 10:00–11:15
Panel discussion
Congress Centre, conference hall B4

A trend has recently emerged in Russia toward projects designed to identify and train competent young leaders. Well-trained specialists are needed in any sphere and such initiatives were bound to encompass management positions. Involvement of the younger generation in business and state management will help prepare people in the future with the experience and knowledge required for resolving any problems. One such event for training the younger generation in management is the public talk between SPIEF.Junior participants and young public officials from various Russian regions. The youngsters will be able to talk to the public officials and pose the questions of interest to them.
- How to become a governor?
- How to set goals correctly and how to achieve them?
- Is being a governor easy?
- Where to study to become a governor?
- What personal qualities does a manager need?

Vladimir Solodov, Governor of Kamchatka Territory

Dmitry Guzhelya, Head of Evaluation and Methodology Department, ANO Russia – Land of Opportunity
Evgeniy Szhenov, Scientific Director, Expert-Analytical Center "Scientific And Educational Policy"