SPIEF Sport Week

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18 Jun
Турнир по конкуру Roscongress Cup
Турнир по конкуру Roscongress Cup, приуроченный к юбилейному ПМЭФ-2022 пройдет в рамках конного турнира регионального уровня «Кубок Санкт-Петербурга по конкуру».

Приглашаем гостей Форума посетить красочный фестиваль уникального спорта. Конкур – это соревнование по преодолению препятствий различной высоты и сложности парами «всадник-лошадь». Есть много мнений, то ли всадник управляет конем, то ли конь делает все. Но на самом деле каждая успешная пара – это особая история взаимного доверия, дружбы и несколько лет совместного ежедневного труда.

Участники соревнований будут состязаться в преодолении маршрутов с высотой препятствий от 100 до 145 сантиметров.

Доступ в качестве зрителя свободный.

Мероприятие будет проходить с соблюдением всех мер по профилактике COVID-19.

18 Jun
White Nights 2022 International Aikido Festival
This festival is taking place as part of the National Aikido Council of Russia’s calendar plan for in 2022, which was approved by the Russian Union of Martial Arts.
Its purpose is to popularize and develop Aikido in Russia, strengthen friendly and cultural ties between cities and clubs in and outside of Russia, improve skills, and share experience.

Access to the event as a spectator is open to all.

The event will comply with all COVID-19 safety measures.

18 Jun
Roscongress Cup: White Nights tennis tournament
Among those taking part in this tennis tournament will be SPIEF participants and members of St. Petersburg’s business community. Chairman of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Alexander Belsky will be present at the opening ceremony. The tournament organizing committee is headed by Vladimir Kirillov, Director of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg.

This is a doubles tennis tournament.

You may register for the event via the personal web office.

The event will comply with all COVID-19 safety measures.

18 Jun
Peterhof Golf Club is hosting the Roscongress Golf Cup tournament for SPIEF participants for the fourth time. The event is being organized by the Russian Golf Association.

The tournament programme will feature a business brunch, various master classes, and a rich entertainment programme for guests.

Peterhof Golf Club is located 25 minutes from Pulkovo Airport, and just a few minutes from the famed Peterhof Palace and fountains, Konstantin Palace, and Alexandria Park.

Eminent course designers Greg Norman and Steve Forrest worked on the 18-hole course, so guests can be sure of an exciting golfing experience.

You may register for the event via the personal web office.

The event will comply with all COVID-19 safety measures.

18 Jun
Vedomosti business regatta
Konstantin Fort, Kronstadt
The second of four stages of the Vedomosti sailing business regatta will be held as part of SPIEF SPORT WEEK.

The regatta will feature a number of corporate teams, including the crew of the Roscongress Foundation.

Races will be held in accordance with the latest international rules. With experienced skippers and professional refereeing, the regatta promises to be an impressive sporting event. Fleet: mX700 yachts.

This exciting competition will be held against the backdrop of the famous forts of Kronstadt. Guests will also be able to hold discussions with representatives of Russian and foreign companies in a relaxed setting. All this, plus an extensive onshore programme, mean that the regatta is set to be a true highlight of the Forum.

The Vedomosti business regatta’s rich onshore programme is the result of a partnership with the Sails of Kronstadt festival, which will harmoniously bring together yachting enthusiasts, members of the business community, SPIEF participants, and members of the public in what will be a vibrant maritime themed celebration. After the race, attendees will also be able to enjoy the award ceremony on the main stage of the festival, and a gala concert.

Access to the event is by invitation only.

18 Jun
Sails of Kronstadt Festival
Konstantin Fort, Kronstadt
The Sails of Kronstadt Festival – a music, sports and gastronomy extravaganza – will take place on the closing day of SPIEF 2022. This regular fixture on the Forum cultural programme is organized by the Island of Forts initiative, and will take place under the slogan “Wind, music, food”. This year’s event will be dedicated to the 350th birthday of the first Russian Emperor, Peter the Great.

The festival programme will include spectacular sailing races, the Vedomosti business regatta, a parade of historical sailboats (with a chance to board them for a tour as part of the Open Board programme), a large-scale re-enactment of a battle involving a boarding team led by Peter the Great on a Swedish sailboat, and a reconstruction of a field military camp of the era.

In addition, guests of all ages will have the chance to enjoy thematic workshops, kite shows, and a musical line-up featuring rock stars and young talented performers. The gastronomic part will cover the cuisine of the five seas, as well as local specialities and exclusive dishes a la russe. There will also be a range of more unconventional culinary offerings which hark back to the era of Peter the Great.

Entrance to the festival is free.

18 Jun
Битва взглядов
16 июня участники ПМЭФ смогут увидеть зрелищную церемонию «Битва взглядов», которая будет предшествовать турниру по боксу "Матч ТВ Кубок Победы".

Лицом к лицу на церемонии сойдутся лидеры сборной России по боксу Илья Попов, Руслан Колесников, Всеволод Шумков и другие участники турнира. Легендарный супертяжеловес, олимпийский чемпион Александр Поветкин и двукратные победители Олимпийских игр по боксу Олег Саитов и Алексей Тищенко станут гостями «Битвы взглядов». Церемония пройдёт на стенде Федерации бокса России, который впервые будет работать на Петербургском международном экономическом форуме. На стенде участники ПМЭФ смогут увидеть экспозицию, посвященную 30-летию организации, ознакомиться с направлениями деятельности и стратегией развития бокса в России. Командный турнир по боксу "Матч ТВ Кубок Победы" также пройдёт в рамках SPIEF Sport Week.

18 Jun
For the first time ever the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum welcomes a sporting and environmental campaign entitled ‘Cleanliness Cup! Be an Eco-athlete 365 Days a Year!’. Plogging, a fairly new term, combines running and caring about the environment.
Promotion of ecological and sporting forms of leisure among both women and youth, strengthening friendships and partnerships through joint ecological activities are among the main goal of this initiative. Combining a healthy lifestyle with caring for the planet is possible! Join the environmental initiative ‘Cleanliness Cup! Be an Eco-athlete 365 Days a Year!’
The event was organized by the Association of Women of the Nuclear Industry – Foundation for the Support and Development of Women's Initiatives.

18 Jun
STUNT SHOW motor show
Outlet Village Pulkovo, 60 Pulkovskoe Shosse
For the first-ever time, SPIEF Sport Week will host STUNT SHOW, a motor show where Russia's best stunt riders will impress spectators with extreme motorcycle stunt riding on flat ground.
The event will be attended by world champion and two-time European champion Foma Kalinin, Russia's only female stunt rider Daria Kharchenko, and virtuoso quad bike rider Grigory Taldykin.
The stunt show, performances by dance troupes, powerful sound, and refreshment areas supplied by the event's partners will be a perfect ending to the Forum.
The event is organized by RC Sport, the sports platform of the Roscongress Foundation, and the Interregional Contact Centre with support from The Future of the Motherland foundation.

18 Jun
Victory Cup Russian Boxing Tournament
SPIEF 2022 will host the first stage of the Victory Cup in boxing, a new series of team tournaments, which will culminate with a final held in July on the Red Square in Moscow. Olympic champion Albert Batyrgaziev and other leaders of the Russian national team will enter the ring as part of the teams representing various federal districts.

This is a doubles tennis tournament.

You may register for the event via the personal web office.