The SME Forum

Business and Society: How can Business Contribute to Culture, Education, and Social Development?

14 Jun , 14:45–16:15
Russian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Forum: Cooperation
Pitch Session
Congress Centre, zone B, 2nd floor, conference hall B3

Since 2019, social entrepreneurship has been recognized and supported by legislation in Russia, providing special measures of state support and non-governmental funds for social entrepreneurs. However, creating a successful social business can be challenging. It requires finding a balance between profitability and social responsibility, securing affordable funding, addressing daily business challenges, and establishing unique approaches to employee and customer relationships. During the session, the winners of the Ministry of Economic Development My Good Business Award will share their inspiring stories of business development. Additionally, experts will engage in discussions about the social business landscape in the Russian Federation, available support measures, and the most sought-after social entrepreneurship support programs. They will also shed light on the valuable contributions that businesses can make to the development of social institutions. How can social businesses be effectively created and developed? What strategies can be employed to establish a sustainable relationship between the state, business, and society? What specific practices and activities contribute to the growth and advancement of social entrepreneurship?

Sergey Golubev, Chief Executive Officer, Social Investment Fund

Yuliya Zhigulina, Managing Director, Our Future Foundation for Regional Social Programmes
Tatyana Ilyushnikova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Natalia Makarevich, Deputy Head of the Tambov Region
Vladimir Stroev, Rector, State University of Management