The SME Forum

The Role of the Media Industry in Supporting and Developing the SME Segment in Russia

14 Jun , 14:45–16:15
Russian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Forum: Cooperation
Pitch Session
Congress Centre, zone B, 2nd floor, conference hall B2

In the present day, small and medium-sized businesses have established a notable presence across various sectors, demonstrating their significance as a foundational component of society. The substantial number of employed individuals and their substantial financial transactions bear testament to the influential role played by this segment. As foreign players gradually exit the market, Russian manufacturers are stepping in to fill the void and introduce new brands. Consequently, the task of promoting and raising awareness about these emerging brands among the Russian population has become increasingly critical in contemporary times. Which media and advertising channels yield the most effective results for SMEs? What support initiatives have been devised to assist SMEs in the advertising sector? Currently, which media outlets are in high demand among SMEs? How vital are educational programs in advertising for aspiring young entrepreneurs?

Alina Efimova, Deputy General Director for Sales and Business Development, Gazprom Media Sales House

Sergey Zelenkin, Advisor to the General Director, Biopharmrus
Aleksandr Isayevich, General Director – Chairman of the Management Board, Russian Small and Medium Business Corporation
Dmitry Mednikov, Managing Director, Russian Media Group
Grigory Novikov, Strategy Director, National Priorities Autonomous Non-profit Organization
Natalya Peysakhovich, Director of Marketing and Communications Department, National Payment Card System
Valentin Smolyakov, Executive Officer, Association of Communication Agencies of Russia
Andrey Shitov, Shareholder, Commercial Director, Starlink

Front row participants
Alexey Blinov, General Director, Media Press
Maria Kotyukh, Director for Government Relations and Legal Affairs, VOSTOK-MEDIA
Oleg Sirota, Entrepreneur, founder of the Istra Cheese Factory project