The SME Forum

Domestic Tourism in Russia: How Should the Industry Develop in the New Environment?

15 Jun , 12:15–13:45
Russian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Forum
Congress Centre, conference hall B3

Tourism is firmly among the priorities of the Russian government. A national project "Tourism and Hospitality Industry" has been outlined, and a number of measures have been proposed to support the industry, such as tourist and children's holiday cashback schemes, VAT reduction in the hotel sector, and grant support for entrepreneurial initiatives. Today it is important to prioritize and determine the rules of the game for all participants in the industry, as well as create conditions for attracting additional investment, creating new jobs and improving the quality of tourist services. The Russian tourism industry can and must offer tourists a wonderful experience and an excellent holiday at a reasonable price. What proposals to change the fiscal, regulatory, and administrative burdens on the tourism industry participants are there now? What should be the basis for fair competition in the market and the overall improvement of the industry? How can investors be encouraged to build quality domestic and inbound tourism facilities? How is private initiative and small business developing in tourism? What are some examples of the most successful regional government-business work?

Tatyana Dmitrova, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Professional Portal – Banko Service Project

Lyubov Voronina, Head of International Projects,
Roman Eremyan, Head of the Center for Strategic Analysis and Development, Union of Tourism and Hospitality
Aleksey Kozhevnikov, General Director, Konstruktor Puteshestvij LLC
Elena Lysenkova, Deputy Head, Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm)
Julia Mokhova, Deputy Director, Department of Culture, Sports, Tourism and National Policy of the Government of the Russian Federation

Front row participants
Nellya Gavina, Director, "Roza Vetrov Ural" Travel Company
Oleg Ermolaev, Minister of Economic Development and Industry of the Republic of Karelia
Vladislav Zhukovich, Vice President, All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business OPORA RUSSIA
Olga Khomova, General Director, State Academic Capella in St. Petersburg