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Business services

RC-Media, a subsidiary of the Roscongress Foundation, offers a package information and PR support solution for companies participating in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

More information is available in the Information and PR support section.

RC-Media, an affiliate of the Roscongress Foundation, offers photography and videography services, as well as video production during events of the business and cultural programmes and events of partners of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

More information is available in the Photo and video services section.

Both before and during SPIEF, participants may request the services of a personal interpreter. This may be done in one of two ways:

These services are paid for separately and are only provided if interpreters are available at the time of the request.

The SPIEF business programme events will feature simultaneous interpreting between Russian and English.

Receivers for simultaneous interpreting are issued at the entrance to each hall hosting an event. In the Congress Hall, receivers for simultaneous interpreting are located in the pockets of the seats in front.

Forum participants may reserve specially designated spaces at the Forum venue to hold press events of any kind. 

More information is available in the Organizing and holding press events section.

Protocol and organizational support for agreement signing ceremonies and press conferences can be arranged at the Forum venue. 

More information is available in the Protocol and organizational support section.

Participants will be able to apply for business trip documents at the business trip registration stand, financial services stands or at the Accreditation Centre 1:

Business trip registration stand (zone C, Congress Centre, 1st floor)
Financial services stands (stands 40–42, passage in zone F)
5–7 June (08:00–20:00)
      8 June (08:00–18:00)

Accreditation Centre 1 (Outlet Village Pulkovo, 60/1, Pulkovskoye Shosse)
5–7 June (08:00–20:00)
      8 June (10:00–12:00)

Please note that the business trip document indicates the actual duration of the event, excluding travelling time.

The Roscongress Foundation provides photography for all business, cultural, sports and entertainment programme events at SPIEF, as well as at other events organized by the Foundation. Photographs are published in the Roscongress photo bank in real-time. Images can be displayed by event and date to facilitate browsing.

The photographs are available for viewing and free download in high resolution and may be freely used, provided a reference to the Roscongress Foundation is included.

The Roscongress Foundation introduces a brand new product for participants of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum – SPIEF & BEYOND advisory & support services. Developed in partnership with B1 and SPN Communications, the product is an individual roadmap for attending SPIEF, tailored to the personal needs of a participant or delegation.

To learn more, visit:

SPIEF & BEYOND on the Forum website (PDF)
+7 (985) 410 4756

MARMA relevant technologies lab specializes in tech solutions for businesses and exhibition stands. It develops web-based augmented-reality (AR) experiences which do not require any additional apps or programs to be installed. It is a source of great pride for our team to have the honour of being the Roscongress Foundation’s AR service, and to be responsible for developing a range of practical and technological options for SPIEF participants each year.

MARMA is the official supplier of AR technologies for major events in Russia (such as the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Eastern Economic Forum, Russian Labour Safety Week, and Future Technologies Forum), and has a proven track record in:

  • creating interactive and content-rich stands and exhibitions;
  • a wide range of ready-made AR solutions including advertisements and typography,
  • exhibits, and images that come to life;
  • gifts and souvenirs with a true wow-factor;
  • interactive stands for exhibitions;
  • 3D digital assistants;
  • themed photo zones featuring animated characters;
  • video postcards;
  • technological quests;
  • training materials featuring augmented reality, and much more.

More information is available in the MARMA relevant technologies lab section.

5-7 June, 08:00-20:00; 8 June, 08:00-18:00
Passage, 1st floor
Congress Centre, 1st floor
Luggage room
Passage, stands 108-109
Passage in zone F, stand 46

Transport services

Participants of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2024 can rent an accredited or unaccredited (without access to the ExpoForum territory) chauffeur-driven car.

More information is available in the Car rental section.

The RC Service stands will provide information on hotel accommodation, dining, transport (including air and rail travel), and other services provided at Roscongress Foundation events.

Passage, stand 1

During the Forum, free regular shuttle buses will run for participants.

More information is available in the Shuttle buses section.


Participants and guests of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2024 are invited to use the hotel booking service on the website of RC Service.

More information is available in the Hotel booking section.

The RC Service stands will provide information on hotel accommodation, dining, transport (including air and rail travel), and other services provided at Roscongress Foundation events.

Passage, stand 1


Coffee break areas with free catering services will be organized at the Forum, as well as several restaurants that will operate on a paid basis.

More information is available in the Coffee breaks and restaurants section.

Search for business partners

Networking: a service aimed at helping companies – whatever their development aims – make new contacts and find potential business partners, investors, clients, buyers, suppliers and representatives based in Russia and abroad. The service includes a search for partners by specialists, who will also help establish initial contact between companies.

This service is available to all participants via the Roscongress personal account.

To submit a request, log in to your Roscongress personal account and select “Networking” from the main page. Next, click on “Submit request”.

THE SME COOPERATION B2B SERVICE is a project implemented by the Roscongress Foundation with the aim of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. It operates on the principle of a two-way initiative, allowing everyone to participate as both customer and supplier of goods, services, technologies and even business and property rights.

The service is free of charge and available to all users of a Roscongress personal account.

More information is available in the SME cooperation section.

Networking Platform is a platform for promoting your company among participants of the Roscongress Foundation’s events. To post your business card, simply upload your logo, add your contact info, and provide a brief description of the company. As soon as you save the information, your business card will appear in the list. You can also add a presentation of your company and a more detailed description in Russian and English.

This service is available to all participants via the Roscongress personal account.

Participants can use the ‘Day planner’ section of the Roscongress personal account or the Roscongress mobile app to plan and arrange business meetings.

Scheduled meetings can be held at the B1 Business Networking Platform, elsewhere at the Forum venue, or at other locations.

B1 Business Networking Platform – a dedicated space with comfortable meeting rooms which has been specially designed for holding meetings scheduled in the ‘Day planner’ section of the Roscongress personal account and the Roscongress mobile app.

More information is available in the Arranging business meetings section.


The Roscongress mobile app is an information, communication, and service platform for participants of all events organized by the Foundation.

The mobile app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play (search term: Roscongress) closer to the Forum.

All the app’s functions and features are fully available after entering the Roscongress personal acount login and password.

The Forum's events are broadcast on TV screens at the venue. Additionally, these screens display informational messages, navigational guidance, session schedules, and more.

Online broadcasts of the business programme events will be available:

  1. on the Forums website in the Programme section
  2. on the event page of the Roscongress Foundation website
  3. on the Roscongress mobile app

A live broadcast of the plenary session will also be available:

  1. at the Forum venue in conference hall D2 (in Russian) and conference hall D1 (in English)
  2. on the VK page (in Russian)
  3. on the Telegram channel of Roscongress Direct (in Russian).

The broadcast archive will be available on the Forums website and on the Roscongress Foundation website in each user’s Roscongress personal account after the event.

Internet access is available free of charge at the Forum venue. 

Network: SPIEF2024
Password: Roscongress

To log in, please enter the ID (7 digits) and passcode (4 digits) listed on your badge.

The network name and connection password will be provided in the information materials for participants, as well as on special signs located on information stands, in the press centre, meeting rooms, and catering areas at the Forum venue.

Directly in Telegram, you can promptly receive answers to your questions, as well as:

  • Learn how to register for the Forum and obtain a badge
  • Find out where you can take a PCR test to access the venue
  • Clarify information about available services
  • Familiarize yourself with the business programme
  • Plan your route

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