International Broadcasting Centre

An International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) has been set up in ExpoForum pavilion H (3) to provide coverage of the events at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.

The press centre’s infrastructure includes a stand-up position and a fly-away position, both located close to ExpoForum pavilion H (3).

Russia Television and Radio – the Forum’s host broadcaster – will provide the international television feed from live broadcasts and video recordings of the main SPIEF events. The feed will be relayed to TV and radio company cubicles and broadcast on the plasma screens installed at the press centre.

The International Broadcasting Centre includes:

Total number of cubicles: 26 for TV companies and 2 for radio companies.

The following international video signals are available for broadcasting within the cubicles:

Approximate layout of the TV and radio companies zone (media cubicles).

Stand-up position

Location: close to ExpoForum pavilion H (3) (between car parks H and G)
Purpose: live reporting from the Forum main venue.

Technical equipment of Stand-up positions: Twelve booths equipped with electrical outlets, Internet access via Ethernet, TV signal line to the host broadcaster control room, phone line with international access, and four-wire broadcast intercom (upon request).

Mobile satellite communications station zone

Fly-away positions are located close to ExpoForum pavilion H (3) (in car park H).
Purpose: these positions allow media representatives to conduct live broadcasts and transmit video materials to editors.

Contact person for accreditation of TV companies and vehicle access to the SPIEF main venue:
Ilya Shnaider
 +7 (911) 156 6513

For all questions concerning the reservation of workplaces in the IBC, stand-up positions, fly-away positions, transfer of video material from the IBC and for copies of the video archive of events, please contact Leonid Taube, First Deputy Head of the Production and Technology Department, or Valery Cherednik, Chief Specialist in the Directorate of Communications and Telecommunications, at Russia Television and Radio.

Contact information:
Leonid Taube:
Valery Cherednik: