Press centre

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum press centre is a modern, interactive venue offering a comfortable working environment for the media. It is located in pavilion H of the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre. SPIEF-accredited media representatives, representatives of media partners, and employees of the host broadcaster may access the press centre. A badge is required, which can be collected from the accreditation points.

Press centre operating hours

2 June 08:00–20:00
3-4 June 08:00–22:00
5 June 08:00–18:00

Work stations for media representatives

Media work area

Total area: 1,231 m2
Location: press centre (pavilion Н)
Capacity: 210 seats, 5-seat panel area, moderator’s podium

Work area for media representatives, offering 70 pre-equipped work stations, as well as 140 stations where users can connect their own equipment. Work stations will not be assigned to individual journalists or media organizations. Various press events will take place in the media work area throughout SPIEF, except during live broadcasts of plenary sessions and other key Forum events.

Media partner sector

Total area: 392 m2
Location: press centre (pavilion Н)
Capacity: 84 seats


A media work area for SPIEF media partners only. This area is designed for 108 pre-equipped work stations assigned to media organizations in accordance with partnership agreements.

Entry to the media partner sector requires a pass, which can be obtained from the senior administrator. The pass is valid for the duration of SPIEF.

Please note: live broadcasts of the Forum plenary session, as well as other key events, will take place in the media work areas.

Rooms for press events

In order to ensure that media representatives enjoy a comfortable working environment, aside from the media work area, the Forum venue will also have rooms available for press conferences, briefings, and signing ceremonies, as well as interview rooms and press points.

Press hall H3

Total area: 205 m2
Location: press centre (pavilion Н)
Capacity: 82 seats, 3-seat panel area

Signing ceremony hall H1

Total area: 170 m2
Location: press centre (pavilion Н)
Capacity: 55 seats, 4-seat panel area

Signing ceremony hall H2

Total area: 163 m2
Location: press centre (pavilion Н)
Capacity: 56 seats, 4-seat panel area

Signing ceremony point

Location: passage, next to the halls E11 and E12
Capacity: 2-seat panel area

For more details about services and terms, please visit the SERVICES section.

It will be possible to book the customary protocol and organizational support services for signing ceremonies at any venue within the Forum press centre provided by the SPIEF Organizing Committee for press events (press conferences, briefings, signing ceremonies, interviews, and live media events).

For more details about services and terms, please visit the SERVICES section.

Interview lounge

Total area: 32 m2
Location: press centre (pavilion Н)
Equipment: sofa, armchair, coffee table, 6 chairs, lighting equipment.

A separate room for conducting individual interviews with St. Petersburg International Economic Forum participants. The maximum time allowed for a single interview is 45 minutes.

Press Points


Press point 1

Small passage next to conference hall D1

Press point 2

Pavilion F next to conference hall F2

Press point 3

Pavilion G next to conference hall G2

Purpose: communication between participants in the official programme and media representatives. Press points are designed with SPIEF branding and equipped with a PA system.


Information services

Information and Service Centres

The press centre (ExpoForum pavilion H) features information and services points where you will find information on access to Forum events, changes to the programme, services offered, announcements of Forum press events, and other information, in both Russian and English. In the event of any technical difficulties with press centre equipment or your own personal equipment, please contact our Technical Support Service.

Distribution of press releases

Press releases alerting media to press events will be posted on the official SPIEF website in the Press Events Programme in the Media section, and will also be available at the information stand at the press centre entrance, next to the information and services point, as well as in the television and radio area of the International Broadcast Centre. All materials will be available in both Russian and English.

Press event schedule

At the end of May 2021, the Press Events Programme will be posted in the Media section on The programme will list the locations, times, topics, and announcements of press conferences, briefings, and signing ceremonies planned by Forum participants at the SPIEF venue. This service will help you to plan your time at the Forum.


Free Wi-Fi internet access will be provided throughout the press centre.

Broadcasts of SPIEF events

Live broadcasts of all Forum events

Live broadcasts of the plenary session and other key Forum events will be shown on screens in the press centre (as well as in the media work area, media partner section, and dining areas).

Portable radios for simultaneous interpreting will be handed out to media representatives at the event entrance in exchange for a business card or press pass.

Broadcast of Forum sessions and TV coverage

Broadcasts will be shown on flat-screen televisions located in all Forum pavilions. They will feature live broadcasts of events.

Online broadcasts on the Forum website

All events in the Forum business programme will be available to view online in real time on the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum website, and the Roscongress Foundation website.

SPIEF 2021 Information TV

For the convenience of media participants, flat-screen televisions have been installed at the press centre and will show live broadcasts of Forum events, in addition to the following:

  • schedule of events in the Forum business programme;
  • schedule of cultural, sporting and press events programmes;
  • schedule of events on the sidelines of the Forum;
  • information about exhibition areas at the Forum;
  • schedule of networking areas and stands.