Country’s Human Potential stand

The Country’s Human Potential: an ecosystem made up of social, youth, and educational projects and initiatives by the Roscongress Foundation

For several years now, the Roscongress Foundation has applied its expertise and effective practices to implement a range of social, inclusive, and youth projects. These have been brought together to form the Country’s Human Potential ecosystem, aimed at developing human resource potential. 

The mission of the Roscongress Foundation is to build a robust foundation for Russia’s future. It aims to achieve this through working with young people – the managers, specialists, scientists and leaders of tomorrow – in a targeted and comprehensive manner.

Key to the Foundation’s mission is the adoption of a comprehensive and nationwide approach to creating equal opportunities and unlocking the country’s human resource potential. We take into account people from every segment of the population. That includes people with different levels of education and income, different motivations, capabilities, and initial opportunities. Those with disabilities and health issues will also find their needs taken into consideration. 

The Roscongress Foundation is committed to addressing key social issues, including accessible education, social inclusion, career guidance, helping young people adapt to new challenges, and improving efficiency through the recruitment of talented specialists.

The Country’s Human Potential stand (passage in zone G) will showcase a number of projects focusing on these aspects of social development:

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