Russia: Seizing the Opportunities
Panel Session
Pavilion 4, Conference Hall 4.1

The first phase of the Nanotechnology Industry Development Strategy (a presidential initiative) is to be completed in 2015. What tasks were set for developing the nano-industry when the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO Corporation) was set up? Which goals were successfully met, and conversely, which have yet to be met and why? Why was Rusnanotech State Corporation split into a joint-stock company and a non-profit organization (the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programmes), and why was a management company established? Does RUSNANO have any breakthrough projects that are comparable with world-class examples? Have the developments of Russian scientists been in demand for the new industry? Can the Russian nanotechnology industry survive in the current conditions? Which industries are currently using nanotechnologies, and why aren’t they seen in everyday life? Which industries are the most promising for the use of nanotechnologies in the near future?

Alexandra Johnson , Managing Director, DFJ VTB Aurora; President, The Global Technology Symposium

Esko Aho , Prime Minister of Finland (1991–1995); Executive Chairman of the Board, East Office of Finnish Industries
Vladimir Volkov , Head of the Republic of Mordovia
Oleg Perelman , General Director, NOVOMET
Ran Tao , Chairman of the Board of Directors, «Sirius-Holding» Corporation
Vladimir Fortov , President, Russian Academy of Sciences
Andrei Fursenko , Aide to the President of the Russian Federation
Anatoliy Chubais , Chairman of the Executive Board, RUSNANO Corporation

Front row participants
Vladimir Gurdus , General Director, RMI Partners
Tatiana Saribekian , Chief Executive Officer, Domain Russia Investments (DRI)


Key moments

Import substitution is not only a slogan for us – it is a significant economic driver.
Anatoly Chubais
It is important for all innovative institutions to have capacity to fail, the right to fail.
Esko Aho
You first need to build up your “muscles” in the Russian market and then it won’t simply be a matter of diversifying the economy, but a declaration by Russia as a global player in the world’s innovative sector.
Anatoly Chubais