Day of international SME cooperation

On 5 June, the opening day of SPIEF, the Day of International SME Cooperation will take place.

The Forum will showcase practical tools for effective business communication and the development of medium and small enterprises. It will also feature presentations on support measures for entrepreneurs, investment proposals, and successful practices.

One of the key events will be the 9th Russian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Forum with the participation of representatives from federal and regional authorities, the banking sector, development institutions, business associations, and entrepreneurs from all regions of the country.

> 1,200 participants from > 45 countries and territories*

* according to the results of SPIEF 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the plenary session of SPIEF 2023, noted that one of the key areas of economic development is the expansion of entrepreneurial activity and support for domestic businesses.

“Replacing transnational corporations that have left the Russian market was a notable event and a powerful boost for our businesses. Last year alone, Russian manufacturers filed more than 90,000 trademark applications.”

Vladimir Putin


Due to foreign economic changes, the interest of SMEs in the development of international cooperation has significantly increased. Large companies from friendly countries have also started looking for Russian suppliers and counterparties.

SME Forum participants will discuss emerging opportunities and growth areas for small business development, as well as strategies to support the development of new production and logistics chains, among other topics.

Format and cost of participation

Package details:
SPIEF Sideline Events Participant
RUB 60,000
(including 20% VAT)

The participation package includes:

  • Access to the 9th Russian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Forum
  • Access to the ‘Ensuring Drug Security’ Pharmaceutical Forum
  • Access to all opening day events (5 June), excluding invitation-only events
  • Access to business networking areas at the Forum venue on 5 June (with limited access to event areas by special invitation)
  • Access to interactive communication platforms and other opportunities at SPIEF for international cooperation among SMEs
  • Information support

All applications are considered by the Organizing Committee on an individual basis. Representatives of small businesses may be approved to participate within the quota at a cost of RUB 25,000 (including VAT 20%). The number of participants within the quota is limited.


Apply to participate

  1. Submitting an application
If you already have a Roscongress personal account
If you don’t have a Roscongress personal account
  1. Application review

    • Your application for participation will be reviewed by the Forum organizers.
    • The application review period is unique for each participant and will not be shorter than ten days. The Forum organizers have the right to refuse to invite any applicant without providing a reason.
    • If approved, you will be sent an invitation to the Forum and the status of your application will be updated in real-time in the 'My events' tab of your Roscongress personal account.
  2. Confirmation of participation

    After receiving the invitation, please confirm your participation in the Forum in the ‘My events – SPIEF 2024 – Event dashboard’ section of your Roscongress personal account.

  3. Rejection of participation

    If you have received an invitation but do not plan to participate in the Forum, or if you have confirmed your participation but have changed your decision, you are kindly requested to cancel your participation in your Roscongress personal account or to inform the Roscongress Foundation specialist with whom you are in contact about your participation in the 9th Russian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Forum.

Services for participants

Offline services
Online services

Visa support

Participation in SPIEF is a wonderful opportunity to discover Russia as a tourist destination and travel with your whole family.

The Forum participants will be provided with visa support and the opportunity to apply for a short-term visa for up to 3 weeks.

Detailed information on obtaining a visa can be found in the section Visa support.


For more information, please contact the SPIEF 2024 information centre:

 +7 (812) 680 0000