Kaluga Region

As Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a brilliant scientist, humble teacher and great dreamer from Kaluga, said: “There is nothing more powerful than human mind.” Yet there is something bigger – the Universal Mind from Nikola-Lenivets Art Park. The symbiosis of breakthrough ideas of the founder of cosmonautics and the unique art object became the basis of Kaluga Region’s stand.

Ideas are not enough to generate – they need to be supported, as Tsiolkovsky bequeathed. That is why the stand displays the best creations of Kaluga’s brains – Mercator digital services, FarmAid innovative pharmaceuticals, Elmat design solutions and high-tech products from other companies

Importantly, in the Year of the Educator and Mentor, the concept of the stand captures the inextricable link between best mentoring practices and the limitless possibilities of intellect.

Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation

Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation is a spatial development institute for Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Khakassia, and the Republic of Tyva. The purpose of the Corporation is to promote the social and economic development of Yenisey Siberia regions by attracting and implementing key investment, sports, social and business projects. The Corporation supports the integrated investment project Yenisey Siberia, as well as attracting and facilitating the implementation of new investment projects. An important area of its work is the development of cooperation between major investors and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses and the research and academic organizations.

Leningrad region

Leningrad Region will present its tourism potential at SPIEF for the first time. As one of the leaders in the tourism rating of Russia’s regions, Leningrad Region sees tourism as a driver of economic development, so it declares it to be the main theme of the Region’s stand in 2023.

At SPIEF, Leningrad Region will present a new strategy for developing tourism infrastructure, including the results of a large-scale study of the Region’s tourism potential and its main outcome – implementation-ready investment proposals for the development of areas in selected locations.

The tourist appeal and unique nature of Leningrad Region were reflected in the bright, bold and cosy design of its stand. The main element that inspired the organizing team was Trail47, a project to create eco-trails.

Thanks to a large screen with specially prepared video content and a recreation zone imitating the coast of the Gulf of Finland, visitors will enjoy the views of the unique nature of Leningrad Region. The Invest Bar will offer delicious local products: tea, coffee, sweets, cheeses and snacks.

Interregional Association «Siberian Accord» (IA «Siberian Accord»)

Greater Siberia is the common brand under which all ten regions of the Siberian Federal District perform at the Forum.

Siberia is a huge macro-region, and the name ‘Greater Siberia’ reflects its characteristics. Siberia has been and will continue to be a stronghold of the Russian Federation. The people who live here are characterized by great activity, cohesion and strength of spirit.

The single stand of the Greater Siberia showcases the best, often unique, development projects, which give a powerful boost to not only regional economies, but to the country’s economy as a whole.

Science, industry, transport, tourism, mining and processing of minerals – everything the Siberian land is rich in and famous for, everything the Siberians are working on today, everything that shapes the new image of Siberian territories and high-tech centres that attract investment and drive economic development – all this is Greater Siberia!

We look forward to welcoming Forum participants and guests!

Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Achieving technological sovereignty, training highly qualified personnel, and developing Russian education and science are the key ideas of the stand of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. They are reflected in major projects and programmes:

  • The Advanced Engineering Schools federal project for training a new generation of personnel;
  • A project to create world-class campuses in the Russian regions;
  • Priority 2030, the largest university support and development programme in history;
  • Youth laboratories in priority areas of science;
  • Popular science, youth and student tourism programmes.

The stand also offers information about the work of branches of Russian universities and the export of Russian education abroad. An interview area is available to discuss projects.

Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic

The stand of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and Arctic, ‘The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue’ will host events of various formats, united by the theme of Arctic development.

As part of the discussion platform, leading experts, representatives of major companies, and heads of federal and regional authorities will discuss a wide range of topics related to attracting professional staff to the Arctic, the development of the Northern Sea Route, scientific cooperation, climate change, energy, tourism, and the environment.

Nizhny Novgorod Region

At the heart of the idea of the Nizhny Novgorod stand is Belyana, a unique wooden vessel used by Nizhny Novgorod craftsmen to raft timber down the Volga River. Surprisingly, it is Belyana that reflects the main features of Nizhny Novgorod's character, namely creative engineering, colossal human labour and a unique entrepreneurial spirit.

One hundred years later, the Belyana of Nizhny Novgorod is again embarking on an exciting journey. This time, the voyage is into the world of the groundbreaking projects of the future, together with the guests of SPIEF 2023. The stand will showcase the region's priority development projects, including large-scale transport reform and construction of new metro stations. The stand will also feature projects for the comprehensive redevelopment of historic areas and the development of the Nizhny Novgorod metropolitan area, as well as the construction of an IT campus and an ice palace. A special focus will be placed on supporting creative industries, arts and crafts, and Nizhny Novgorod's event programme as part of its role as Russia's Youth Capital 2023.

Novgorod region

Novgorod Region is among the top five in the investment attractiveness rating: 48 steps up the ladder of success in five years – that’s our reality!

Our Region is a symbol of how Big Plans turn into Big Construction!

The stand represents the idea of continuous construction and development of the Region. The design of the stand in the style of Soviet modernism is a reinterpretation of the best of our history. 

Big Construction is a challenge dictated to us by modern times, a vivid message to guests of the Forum that reflects the Region’s new stage of development.

The stand will feature mock-ups of the Special Economic Zone, Novgorod Technical School, and the campus of Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University.

The mobile stand (a multilayer model) of the Dostoevsky Drama Theatre, which will surprise you with its unusual design. The symbols of scientific and technological progress can be seen in a showcase with movable shelves. The showcase contains exhibits from the science and technology laboratories, as well as developments from local companies.

A live statue of the builder himself, the hero and symbol of the Big Construction Project, will greet and guide visitors around the stand.

See you at the stand of Novgorod Region!

Perm Territory

The stand of the Perm Territory is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the city of Perm. The concept of the stand is aimed at presenting the past, present and future of Perm and the region.

The stand includes the following exhibits:

  • 300 Years of Perm, a gyroscopic suspension structure;
  • Robotech R-600 3D printer, a sand-casting mould printer (Binder Jetting technology);
  • VIPAKS intelligent video surveillance system, including video services and video analytics modules, including those based on neural networks;
  • Autonomous robotic in-pipe defectoscope scanner.
Government of Moscow Region

Five projects are to be presented at the stand of Moscow Region Government:

  • Land for RUB 1 (tell us about the 2022 results);
  • Industrial mortgage;
  • Business Region Management Centre (a single reception and processing circuit for all enquiries from entrepreneurs and investors under the regional investment standard);
  • Light Industrial (ready-made platforms for investors);
  • Investment portal (all support measures and services for businesses near Moscow in one place).

At least 15 agreements with representatives of Russian and foreign companies are planned to be signed at the stand.

Pskov Region

The main concept of Pskov Region’s stand is ‘traditions and innovations’. Functionally the stand will be divided into two zones:

  • The economic zone that will present local companies and investment potential of the Region;
  • The Region’s tourism potential.

Pskov Region’s stand will include:

  • Presentations of local companies;
  • A demonstration of the sensory-executive system;
  • Three displays by exhibiting companies;
  • A touchscreen table with information for investors;
  • Signing of investment and partnership agreements;
  • Demonstration of videos on the investment and tourism potential of Pskov Region;
  • Presentation videos of exhibiting companies;
  • A tasting area.
The Dagestan Republic

The industrial, cultural and tourism potential are fundamental to the presentation of the Republic of Dagestan.

The stand concept is based on the main cultural event of 2023 – the 100th anniversary of the birth of Rasul Gamzatov.

The stand will feature:

  • Dagestan’s investment projects;
  • Rasul Gamzatov’s works in a modern format;
  • A virtual presentation on the life of Rasul Gamzatov and the unique natural and tourist sites of Dagestan;
  • Special economic zones and priority projects of Dagestan;
  • Achievements in industry, agriculture and other areas.
Republic of Kalmykia

For the first time in 15 years, the Republic of Kalmykia will have a themed stand at SPIEF. The region has the requisite resources to develop domestic tourism. According to the Tourism Attractiveness Index, it is firmly among the top 20 Russian regions in terms of attractive heritage, both material and immaterial, as well as natural attractions and event programmes.

According to last year's results, the Republic is the leader in the growth of registered small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia, at 121%. Furthermore, it also saw a 2.7-fold increase in tax receipts under the simplified taxation system.

In accordance with the economic development plan approved by the head of Kalmykia, Batu Khasikov, the region has a preferential tax regime, with tax rates starting from 1% and 5% for new entrepreneurs and those who have registered for the simplified taxation system.

Kalmykia is a region with high potential for the development of the manufacturing industry, the growth of agricultural production and marketing, and the creation of facilities for the extraction and processing of natural resources. It can also become a transport and logistics hub for road and air transport within the country, as well as act as a "transcontinental bridge" along the North-South and East-West routes.

The exhibition will present the region's major projects. The implementation of these initiatives over the next few years will help boost the economy, attract investment and create new enterprises and jobs.

Negotiations with Russian and foreign companies will be held at the stand. Cooperation agreements with both potential investors and federal subjects of the Russian Federation will be signed.

The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

The Republic of North Ossetia–Alania will present the region’s investment potential in Pavilion H at SPIEF.

The main focus will be on tourism projects:

  • Creation of a new tourism cluster ‘Sunny Belt of Alania’, which will include the southern part of Vladikavkaz and the mountainous areas of Prigorodny, Alagirsky and Irafsky districts of the Republic;
  • Creation of an all-season tourist and recreational complex ‘Mamison’ that meets world standards;
  • Creation of a leading entertainment complex with a wide range of recreational, cultural and leisure services – an all-season theme park ‘Alania Park’.

In addition, a 48.5-hectare IT village project will be presented, complete with the modern infrastructure necessary to create a communication platform for exchanging experiences and bringing together IT specialists, as well as a transport and logistics complex.

Tambov region

The concept of the stand is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the composer, pianist and conductor Sergey Rachmaninoff, which will be celebrated in 2023.

Official events, including business meetings, signing of agreements, and negotiations, are planned at the stand.