Association of Innovative Regions of Russia

The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) is made up of 18 members. These include the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republic of Mordovia, the Republic of Tatarstan, Altai Territory, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Perm Territory, Irkutsk Region, Kaluga Region, Lipetsk Region, Novosibirsk Region, Samara Region, Tomsk Region, Tyumen Region, Ulyanovsk Region, Novgorod Region, the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Nizhny Novgorod Region, and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area – Yugra.

The AIRR accounts for more than 25% of Russia’s total GDP, and more than 30% of the country’s innovative products. The AIRR represents the interests of its members at the regional, national, and international level. In so doing, it collaborates with relevant ministries, non-profit organizations, and business organizations with a view to supporting initiatives across a range of fields. These include infrastructure, science and technology, innovation, and education.

The AIRR stand at SPIEF will provide a range of information on the association’s member regions. It will also host a number of presentations on analytical products, discussions with partners, agreement signing ceremonies, and interviews.

Astrakhan Region

The stand will showcase the International North-South Transport Corridor, highlighting the logistical, industrial, and trade potentials of the Astrakhan Region. Additionally, it will present special economic zones within the Caspian Cluster (industrial and port), along with a model representation of the port special economic zone (comprising piers 8 and 9 of the Olia seaport). Furthermore, visitors will have access to information about the shipbuilding industry of the Astrakhan Region, presented through video content and integrated into the overall concept of the stand.

Belgorod region

You are invited to visit the stand of the Belgorod Region, where you can learn about cutting-edge technologies of sweet protein production, as well as accomplishments in metallurgy and the agro-industrial complex. At the core of our region’s development is the principle of ‘Man is Creation’.

On display at our stand, you’ll find a fermenter for sweet protein production, bringing new frontiers to the food industry. We invite you to learn about our projects and witness how the Belgorod Region is adeptly combining innovation and tradition, embodying the ideals of creativity and perfection.

Vologda region

The main concept of the stand, which the Vologda Region will introduce for the first time at SPIEF, is ‘Vologda Region: A Place of Strength in the Russian World’.

The stand embodies Russian culture, adorned in the traditional red and white colours of the Vologda Region. One of the main elements of the stand is the Bird of Happiness, which is the symbol of the Vologda Region. The design also incorporates images of amulets from the Russian North, along with wooden elements symbolizing the abundance of forest resources. The region ranks 1st in the Russian Federation for timber harvesting intensity.

The stand will showcase the primary sectors of the region’s economy: the agro-industrial complex, the timber industry, and tourism, including ecotourism, historical and cultural tourism, religious tourism, industrial tourism, and sports and entertainment tourism.

Vladimir region

Vladimir Region’s stand will provide information on points of growth in the region. This will be with a focus on key enterprises operating across various fields, such as mechanical engineering and the manufacturing of climate-control equipment and microelectronics. Special economic zones, industrial parks, tech parks, and advanced special economic zones will also come under the spotlight.

In addition, attention will be given to the contribution made by industry to comprehensive territorial development and the construction of social infrastructure.

One of the stand’s highlights will be the announcement of a range of events to mark the 1,000 year anniversary of the founding of the town of Suzdal.

The stand will also showcase a houseboat project as a promising means of addressing the development of tourist infrastructure.

Among the events planned to take place are meetings with business partners, contract signing ceremonies, cooperation agreement signing ceremonies, and more.

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation

The stand of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation will enable members of the business community to get answers to any questions they may have in relation to law enforcement practice. They will also be able to submit official requests, and try out the features offered by the official mobile app of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

NPS Group of Companies

The leading Russian infrastructureholding - Natsproyektstroy - will present on its stand the most important projects implemented by its specialists.

Visitors will be able to see how the Eastern Polygon is being built, as well as the largest road and rail routes, bridges and ports. Interactive information will allow you to delve into the process in detail, quickly moving between the most important infrastructure projects in Russia and abroad.

A special interactive column (you are unlikely to miss it while walking through the ExpoForum Passage) will probably become one of the most photographed places at the SPIEF-2024: here you can not only find the most beautiful angles, but also send a personal greetings to your loved ones by writing your own wish on the column.

Glamping club "Expedition"

A modular house that performs the function of a meeting room. The filling of the house consists of such elements as: 2 tables, 8 chairs, a sofa, shelves for documents.

The planned events are a negotiation process.

Astra Group

All our software products are presented at our stand. The basis of our portfolio - the Astra Linux operating system - is already well supported in the market and today occupies a leading position among domestic competitors with a market share of more than 70%.

Astra Group also presents this year’s bright new products – our rising stars, which can be discussed separately.

  1. Tantor XData - an analogue of the well-known Oracle Exadata. This is an enterprise database platform for mission-critical processes under high loads.
  2. Another one based on a secure platform for building a private cloud, Astra Infrastucture Cloud (AIC). Designed to deploy a private cloud environment on customer computing sites and provide virtual machine infrastructure in a private cloud landscape.
  3. Russian-made tablets - KVADRA_T with a pre-installed Astra Linux mobile operating system and a MIG production tablet (also of Russian origin).
The Donetsk People's Republic

The exposition of the Donetsk People’s Republic serves as an important platform showcasing the region’s abundant investment potential and its desire to develop trade relations.

The stand will provide information about the region’s natural resources, including its fossil fuels. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the deposits, and the extraction and processing methods associated with these resources. The investment potential of the region will also be presented, including insights into its key industrial sectors and its economic allure for prospective investors.

As part of the stand’s activities, there are plans to sign several cooperation agreements and hold working and business meetings.

Kaluga Region

Kaluga Region is proud to welcome visitors to its Nuclear Project Laboratory. In what will mark a first, the region will use SPIEF 2024 to showcase the scientific and industrial potential of its nuclear industry.

Kaluga Region is the birthplace of the peaceful use of nuclear technology. Today, it is a global leader in the development of nuclear technology in education, medicine, pharmacology, the creation of new materials, and other key areas in relation to ensuring technological sovereignty. The stand will demonstrate a range of unique radiopharmaceutical projects currently being implemented. In addition, it will feature some of the best creations from the region’s finest minds. These will include innovative medicines developed by Pharmasyntez, the latest developments by Immid, high-tech products by VMK Invest, and design solutions by Elmat.

Kirov region

Kirov Region’s stand is loosely divided into five functional zones. There is an open business zone incorporating a space to sign agreements, an Industry installation and a Nature installation; an open space for holding talks; a closed business area for negotiations; a service area; and a server room and hanging structure.

The stand’s design will not only incorporate interior items set out in the original plan, but also professional air aromatization that will match each of the stand’s functional zones.

For example, the open business zone (housing the Nature installation and an open space for holding talks) will feature a pleasing aroma evoking woodland, foxberries, cranberries, currants, blueberries, coniferous forests, wood, and freshly cut grass.

In addition, the stand will feature continuous multimedia content which will further highlight the theme and enable visitors to find out about various areas of industry and entrepreneurship in Kirov Region.

«Ryazan Region Development Corporation»

The exposition stand of Ryazan Region seamlessly blends technology with the centuries-old culture of the Ryazan people. The use of semicircular arches as a decorative motif not only highlights the uniqueness of the architecture but also echoes the design elements found in Russian cross-domed basilicas, including one of the most famous Ryazan churches, the Assumption Cathedral.

The strong beginning of the ancient Ryazan land of war is vividly captured in the intricate metal and woodwork details. Skilled blacksmiths will demonstrate their craftsmanship at the stand. The region’s investment and industrial potential, cultural events, and agendas are showcased on video screens organically integrated into the structural framework of the stand.

All finishing materials – metal, wood, plastic, textiles, leather, and even fasteners – are sourced from Ryazan enterprises and crafted from local materials. This includes the decorative elements of the stand attendants’ attire, such as the lace of Kadomsky veniz – a folk craft originating from Ryazan region by decree of Peter the Great.

Listen to your heart, come to Ryazan!


JSC Cordiant is one of the leading Russian tire manufacturers. Its exhibition booth will present a wide product range from economy to premium tires as well as key information on Cordiant’s expertise, technology and major localization initiatives. A few cooperation agreements between Cordiant and some of the largest Russian manufacturing companies and public organizations are expected to be signed at SPIEF.

Krasnodar Region

Krasnodar Territory’s pavilion features a cutting-edge design incorporating stylistic and multimedia elements. Nevertheless, it still retains an individual and cosy atmosphere.

What makes this striking and wide-ranging exhibition truly stand out is its special aesthetic, which conveys a businesslike mood while highlighting the region’s identity as Russia’s winemaking centre.

The pavilion incorporates more than 600 m2 of space for presentations and other business purposes, as well as an area for business talks and a conference hall with a capacity of 100 people.

The exhibition provides a true demonstration of the economic power and impressive investment potential of Krasnodar Territory.

The business programme has been developed with a view to addressing key issues at the national level, and will incorporate a number of presentations and discussions featuring high-profile speakers.

There will also be numerous meetings attended by members of the regional administration, business representatives, and delegations from Russia and abroad. These will aim to broaden business and economic ties. In addition, several key investment agreements will be signed, with the aim of improving socioeconomic wellbeing in the region.

Krasnoyarsk region

Krasnoyarsk Territory is the second-largest federal subject of the Russian Federation by area. It is located in Eastern Siberia and is part of the Siberian Federal District.

Krasnoyarsk Territory holds the leading position in Russia in terms of mineral resource reserves. Oil, gas, iron ore, coal, non-ferrous and rare metals, as well as non-metallic minerals, are extracted from its subsoil. In total, there are more than 1,200 mineral deposits in the region. The region ranks second in Russia in terms of forest resources and is the richest in water resources among all regions in Russia. The region is crossed from north to south by the Yenisei River, the country’s largest river by discharge.

Tourists from all over the world are attracted to the region’s natural wonders, including the Krasnoyarsk Pillars National Park, the Ergaki Nature Park, and the Putorana Plateau. Krasnoyarsk Territory boasts rich cultural and sports traditions. In recent decades, it is here that the world’s leading scientific, educational, and sports centres have been established, where international events have been held, and vibrant cultural and social initiatives have been born. The names of Vasily Surikov, Viktor Astafyev, Mikhail Godenko, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Ivan Yarygin, and many other residents of Krasnoyarsk are world famous.

Leningrad region

Leningrad Region is one of Russia’s leading industrial centres. Correspondingly, the stand has an industrial aesthetic reflecting modern production methods. A number of artistic approaches serve to further complement the overall look, with grating and textured floors and walls being used, and steel, glass and concrete employed as materials.

We endeavour to be a region characterized by growth and stability for businesses. The entire support infrastructure has been integrated into the “Green Corridor for Investors” system, which last year was recognized as a leading regional management practice in Russia. Correspondingly, a key feature of the stand is dedicated to this initiative: an L-shaped screen is complemented by a corrugated metal reflector floor, which is designed to emphasize the dynamism of the region.

Our slogan at SPIEF is “Time to Build, Time to Create!”. As part of the Forum’s business programme, a number of new investment agreements will be signed. Meanwhile, import substitution and ensuring economic security will serve as cross-cutting themes at the stand.

Lugansk People's Republic

The stand is a zoned space for the presentation of the economic potential of the Lugansk People’s Republic. It includes:

  • An informational multimedia area for presenting videos about the republic’s leading enterprises, cultural heritage, and natural, historical, and investment features in the context of municipalities.
  • A business networking area for meetings, negotiations, and signing agreements, both in the open space of the stand and in a separate closed meeting room.
  • A tasting area offering freshly brewed coffee, confectionery and chocolate products from Semeinaya Skazka trademark, various grain flakes that do not require cooking, Donel, and ice cream from Korolevskoe. Vashe Vkusneyshestvo trademark.
  • A presentation area with product samples from the exhibition's participating enterprises, including Lugansk Meat Processing Plant, Lugansk Cold Storage Plant, Unis, Litmash, OZON Plant, and Lugansk–Niva.
Interregional Association «Siberian Accord» (IA «Siberian Accord»)

“Greater Siberia” is the overarching brand uniting the 10 regions of the Siberian Federal District appearing at the Forum.

This brand name reflects the vastness of the macroregion. Siberia has always been – and will continue to be – a keystone territory of the Russian Federation. The people living here are notable for their energy, togetherness, and inner fortitude.

The Siberian Federal District’s integrated “Greater Siberia” stand will showcase the macroregion’s best – and often unique – development projects. These are set to provide a powerful spur to growth, not just to regional economies, but to the economy of the country as a whole.

“Greater Siberia” covers a vast array of sectors and concepts. There is science, industry, transport, tourism, mining, and processing of minerals and resources – everything that the Siberian land is rich and celebrated for, and everything that the people of Siberia are working on today. “Greater Siberia” stands for the new-look macroregion to emerge as a result of these efforts – a region characterized by high-tech centres for attracting investment and drivers of economic growth.

We look forward to welcoming Forum participants and guests to our stand!

Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation

Achieving technological sovereignty, training highly qualified personnel, and developing Russian education and science are the key ideas presented at the stand of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. These concepts are reflected in the largest projects and programmes:

  • Advanced Engineering Schools – a federal project for the training of a new generation of skilled professionals
  • A project to create world-class campuses across various regions in Russia
  • Priority 2030 – the largest university support and development programme in history
  • Youth laboratories in priority areas of science
  • Popular science, youth and student tourism programmes

At the stand, you can also learn about the work of branches of Russian universities and the export of Russian education abroad. An interview zone is set up for discussing projects.

Novgorod region

Let’s go! Just like Yuri Gagarin’s legendary phrase. Now, all roads lead to Novgorod Region! The centre of attention of the stand is a 3D screen displaying live, volumetric graphics about investment and the region’s economic figures and trends. It works as a dynamic backdrop for agreement signings. In the central part of the stand, on the floor, there is a light map of the planned future high-speed railway, with stops and journey times marked. To enable visualization of travel around the region, we created a scenario called ‘Let’s go!’. Guests at the stand reception can press a large button, triggering a 3D screen to start a video. In this video, you embark on a virtual journey from Russia’s two capitals to Novgorod Region. At the same time, the high-speed railway map comes to life on the floor, with lines of light tracing your journey. The stand features a large touch panel showcasing 3D models of the region’s primary investment projects: the Novgorodskaya Special Economic Zone, the world-class campus, and the Valdai Intelligent Electronics Innovation Science and Technology Centre. On the left side of the stand, you’ll find the stylized future Veliky Novgorod station. This multifunctional studio offers glimpses of the region through short clips displayed on the screen, highlighting aspects such as the comfortable urban environment, natural and cultural attractions, and key regional enterprises. An electronic display board displays upcoming agreement signings. Additionally, visitors can embark on a virtual reality journey to explore the Novgorod Kremlin and the Valdai Trail. On the right side of the stand, a science laboratory showcases models of technological innovations, including the UAV of the Ushkuynik project, a skyscraper-washing robot developed by a resident at the Innovation Science and Technology Centre, and an aerostat from Aerodrommash. Short clips on the screen provide insights into education and scientific trends in the region. In addition, the stand’s walls and reception desk feature panels stylized as examples of Soviet embossed art, portraying modern Novgorodians of the future, such as scientific workers, industrial staff, and talented students.

Rosseti, PJSC

Rosseti Group is one of the world's largest power grid holdings and a supplier of electricity to consumers in 82 regions of Russia.

The stand will showcase the key performance indicators of the group of companies, reflecting the scale and reliability of the holding.

Among the events planned to take place are interaction and cooperation agreement signing ceremonies, meetings with Russian and foreign business partners.

Penza region

Penza Region will participate with stand presenting Russia’s first machine-tool cluster PenzaStankoMash. The cluster’s enterprises specialize in the development and manufacturing of metalworking equipment, along with assemblies and components for the machine tool industry.

In the open area of the stand, an exhibition will showcase samples of the region’s food industry. Here, renowned brands known for their high quality and environmentally friendly products will be presented.

Government of Moscow Region

Moscow Region’s stand will showcase the investment potential of the region, and will provide information on regional measures being adopted to support investors. It will also host talks and a number of investment agreement signing ceremonies between Russian and international companies covering projects in Moscow Region. In addition, visitors will be able to find out about a number of innovative digital developments and fundamentally new projects/solutions related to commerce, the environment, education, and tourism.

Government of Samara region

At the Samara Region stand, the key element is a model of an international inter-university IT campus, whose construction is planned to be completed by 2027 and will be located in a unique recreational area adjacent to Samara Arena.

Also at the stand, you can learn about products developed to boost the country’s technological sovereignty, such as ultrasonic sensors from NPP KuibyshevTelecom-Metrology, vertical storage tanks for liquefied gases from Samara Plant KVOiT, and a model of a well power supply from Acron Holding, intended for the main energy infrastructure of fields.

Government of Tambov Region

The original design of the stand will be represented by the concept ‘Tambov Region: Where Everything is Good’: good to live, to learn, to work, to develop, to create, to study, to invent....

The conceptual content of the stand will also be dedicated to the Year of the Family, as announced by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

The Region’s stand will showcase projects that are currently being implemented or planned for implementation in the sphere of developing a comfortable urban environment, residential infrastructure, investment projects aimed at generating new employment opportunities, and more.

At the stand, multiple multimedia screens will be utilized. The participation programme includes business events, negotiations, the signing of investment agreements, agreements on interregional cooperation, and agreements on international cooperation.

The Republic of Dagestan

The exposition of the Republic is imbued with the essence of unforgettable journeys through Dagestan, evoking images of its rapidly burgeoning tourism, impregnable cliffs, and the lush Lian forest of southern Dagestan. The main screen will showcase information on the pioneering projects of the Republic of Dagestan, while an art installation in the shape of hands cradling a heart, with a screen embedded within, will also be featured at the stand to commemorate the Year of the Family.

The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

The Republic of North Ossetia–Alania will present the region’s investment potential at SPIEF in pavilion H. The main focus will be on projects in the tourism sector:

  • Sun Belt of Alania – a new tourist cluster encompassing the southern region of Vladikavkaz along with the mountainous areas of Prigorodny, Alagirsky, and Irafsky districts within the republic
  • Mamison – an all-season tourist and recreational complex designed to meet international standards
  • Alania Park year-round theme park – a premier entertainment complex featuring a diverse array of recreational, cultural, and leisure services

Furthermore, a project will be presented for the development of an IT village spanning 48.5 hectares. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure essential for creating a communication hub to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among IT specialists. Additionally, a project proposal for establishing a transport and logistics complex will also be showcased.

The Republic of Tatarstan

The concept of Tatarstan’s stand at SPIEF 2024 is “Tatarstan: A Centre of Attraction for International Events”. Events in 2024 in the Republic of Tatarstan:

  1. The first international multisport tournament in phygital sports – the Games of the Future, from 21 February to 3 March 2024
  2. International Economic Forum “Russia – Islamic World: KazanForum” on 14–19 May 2024
  3. The international multisport BRICS Games 2024 on 11–24 June 2024
  4. The BRICS Summit on 22–24 October 2024

Hosting high-level international events and showcasing to distinguished guests the innovative, investment, industrial, and trade-economic potential of the Republic of Tatarstan will create a synergistic effect, enhancing the positive image of the Republic of Tatarstan at the international level.

Exposition participants:

  1. ICL Group
  3. Innopolis
  4. Innopolis University
  5. Idea Innovation and Production Technopark
  6. IT-Park High Technology Technopark
  7. Industrial Cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan
  8. SOLLERS Alabuga
  9. KER-Holding
  10. VOLGA
  11. HAYAT Marketing
  12. Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan
  13. KAMA
  14. Engineering and Production Cente

Directorate of Sports and Social Projects (BRICS Games 2024)

Rostov region

An investment and industrial boom is burgeoning in the Rostov Region! The volume of industrial production in the region has tripled over the past 13 years, with investments soaring at double-digit rates, particularly evident in 2023 with a remarkable increase of 23.3%.

At SPIEF 2024, the Rostov Region will showcase projects aimed at bolstering the nation’s technological independence. These encompass the establishment of new production facilities for microelectronics, computer equipment, machine-building products, and more. The region boasts operational industrial parks and technoparks. Notably, in 2024, the Rostovskaya Special Economic Zone was created, where new production facilities can be launched quickly and with minimal expenditure. Industrial investors in the Rostov Region benefit from substantial incentives, including subsidies of up to 80% to offset the expenses associated with connecting to engineering networks. The Investment Promotion Agency of the Rostov Region serves as the single portal for investors, offering a unified platform for investment activities. The Rostov Region exposition will host the signing of agreements, presentations of industrial facilities, enterprises and their products.

PM Vent

PM Vent company is a Russian software developer and manufacturer of automation tools for engineering systems.

The stand presents ready-made solutions for managing engineering equipment:

  • New computer VSM;
  • Hardware and software systems VSM;
  • SCOM VSM dispatch system;
  • Application and instrumental software.
Saratov region

The Saratov Region exhibition stand is a dynamic presentation platform showcasing the key theme of the region’s participation in the Forum in 2024: “Saratov Region: A Territory of Attraction”.

Guests of the stand will be able to virtually explore the region, experiencing its urban spaces with modern infrastructure, educational and cultural attractions, parks, urban recreation areas, unique tourist sites, and major industrial enterprises.

Screens shaped like three waves, symbolizing one of the region’s main riches, the Volga River, will create a fully immersive effect, displaying videos about Saratov Region as a place for living, working, and recreation. Forum participants will have the opportunity to learn about business support measures and potential investment sites, receive consultations from relevant specialists, taste local products, and take photos in the photo zone featuring silhouettes of the region’s most recognizable landmarks.


Sevastopol is the patriotic capital of Russia.

In 2024, the city marked the 10-year anniversary of the Russian Spring.

Since 2013, great efforts have been undertaken to build infrastructure, develop the medical and educational sectors, and create a comfortable environment for residents and visitors alike.

Visitors to Sevastopol’s exhibition will have the chance to learn about the region’s key accomplishments across a range of fields, including road and transport infrastructure, education, healthcare, youth and sports initiatives, and culture. They can also find out about successes in relation to Russia’s national projects. In addition, visitors will be able to touch a number of exhibits that exemplify the city’s modern look, and which have helped transform it beyond recognition in the 10 years since it returned to its home port – Russia!

Sevastopol is a place of opportunity, where startup initiatives are geared towards new accomplishments.

The region will showcase key projects aimed at the development of its investment, tourist, and scientific sectors.

Synergy "World of Opportunities"

«World of Opportunity” is the largest annual business event taking place in the Middle East, uniting leaders of Russian and international business for cooperation in new global conditions.

The forum is planned to be held in Dubai in November 2024.

Smolensk Region

Smolensk Region’s stand has been specially designed in line with the brand book marking the 1160th anniversary of the founding of Smolensk. It is made up of four zones:

  1. Investment projects
  2. Development institutions
  3. Investment platforms
  4. Tourism

Visitors to the investment project zone will be able to view product specimens by the region’s leading industrial enterprises.

The development institution zone will provide information on the work and accomplishments of the region’s Investment Development Corporation, Export Support Centre, and Tourism Development Centre.

The tourism zone will display photographs and information on key tourist infrastructure in the region.

In addition, the stand will feature a touch screen displaying the region’s main achievements in relation to investment, the economy, education, and tourism.

SPIEF participants will also be able to make use of a meeting room.

Smolensk Region’s stand will host cooperation agreement signing ceremonies between investors, federal development institutions, business communities, and associations.

Tver Region

Visitors to Tver Region’s stand will not only be able to learn about the region’s investment and tourist potential, and current large-scale projects and opportunities for cooperation. In addition, they will have the chance to win souvenirs made in our region, and also enjoy a cup of coffee from a local roastery and try a range of sweets.

Tula Region

Tula Region’s stand will showcase a range of major accomplishments and projects which have either already been implemented or are currently under way. These span a range of sectors, including economics, industry, science, tourism and culture. Among them are the Uzlovaya Industrial Park and Special Economic Zone, the Tula Interuniversity Defence Campus, Tula Region’s Scientific and Production Centre for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, the Composite Valley Innovative Centre of Science and Technology, the Konduki Tourist Zone, and the Museum Quarter.

In addition, a number of major investment agreements are set to be signed at the stand.

Chelyabinsk region

Chelyabinsk Region’s exhibition will combine a number of different concepts. Together, these will serve to demonstrate the industrial and economic potential of the region, the development of agriculture, the social sphere, and the introduction of digital and innovative solutions across various areas. The stand is designed to be reminiscent of a manufacturing site, where installations, interiors and multimedia support will be created before the eyes of SPIEF participants. A prototype robotic arm will demonstrate the unparalleled expertise and production capabilities offered by the region in relation to Russian robotics.

During the Forum, Chelyabinsk Region’s stand will host a number of events aimed at showcasing the region’s numerous investment opportunities and key projects.


At the booth of the METEOR brand companies - METEOR Lift, METEOR Auto, METEOR Tech and METEOR Thermo –a wide range of products will be presented: elevator’ cab in premium design, spark plugs, heating boilers and power tools, as well as information about technologies, expertise and projects in the field of import substitution. Within the framework of the booth, it is planned to sign a number of agreements between METEOR-branded companies and the largest Russian manufacturing enterprises, departments and developers.

Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation

The Far East and Arctic Development Corporation stand is dedicated to the importance of the Far East and North to national development.

The exposition is located in Pavilion F and includes ‘Eastern Gateway’, ‘Northern Route’, and ‘Cities of Nature’ thematic installations and zones.

The logistical capabilities of the Far East and Arctic, industrial mega-projects of various kinds, and master plans for the development of Far Eastern cities are presented with the help of modern multimedia technology.

The exhibition space is equipped with a business communication zone where guests can taste Arctic coffee and taiga tea, take part in negotiations, and discuss and sign agreements for new investment projects.

VEB.RF Corporation's stand is dedicated to russian technologies. The development organizations of the VEB Group present its projects here. New technologies today determine the development of cities and the quality of life of russian families. VEB.RF built the digital city on SPIEF'24.

Kontur is an IT developer that creates business ecosystems and invests in education, infrastructure, and the IT community.

The Kontur business ecosystem speeds up routine tasks and makes communication with government agencies and suppliers simpler and more transparent. Kontur’s SPIEF 2024 stand will show off what the ecosystem can do: online reporting and accounting, EDI services and labelling, cloud-based commodity accounting and online cash registers, counterparty verification, information security solutions, electronic signatures for any task, and so much more: more than 70 solutions in all.

Kontur is an SKB Kontur Group brand and was first established in 1988.

Moscow Government

Moscow is one of the top five urban economies in the world and the centre of business activity in Russia.

The Moscow stand is dedicated to the capital’s key investment and economic projects. It will showcase the achievements made in industrial, transport, and social infrastructure and prospects for their further development, how urban planning policies are being implemented and tourist facilities are being built, as well as business, cultural, and educational activities in Moscow.

The stand’s exposition includes a model of the Russian presidential project to develop high-speed railways, as well as a model of the country’s first high-speed train. 

An extensive business programme is also planned as part of the stand, and agreements will be signed to implement new investment projects.
Позитив Текнолоджиз

The Positive Technologies stand will be a meeting place for all those who understand how vital cybersecurity is today and that people, not technology, drive digitalization. We're putting people and open dialog at the center through:

  • A lecture, in which experts will dispel the most common myths in cybersecurity (while accompanied by a professional illusionist).

  • The Standoff cyberbattle, where you can watch firsthand what happens when infrastructure comes under attack from hackers and how a cybersecurity team operates. This year's SPIEF will feature an international cyberbattle with teams from 20 countries.

  • A hacker lounge featuring top-flight cybersecurity people.


The Chechen Republic, a constituent entity of the Russian Federation within the North Caucasus Federal District, spans more than 16,000 square kilometres on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus and the adjacent steppes and plains. It is home to 1,557,683 people.

The capital of the republic is Grozny.

The Chechen Republic is one of Russia’s fastest developing regions.
In 2023, investments in fixed capital totalled RUB 163.4 billion, with an index of physical volume of 129.2% year-on-year, including off-budget investments of RUB 112.4 billion (index of physical volume of 140.6%).

The Chechen Republic stand will share its socio-economic, tourism, and investment potential and cultural heritage with presentation booklets and leaflets.

Video and IT devices (touch panels) will be used to share important information.
Republic of Bashkortostan

The concept for this stand comes from a high-tech bee and is meant to represent the region’s rapid innovative development. The original design for the stand combines the hard-working bee with the modern technology and innovation characteristic of Bashkortostan.

Symbols of the republic presented at the stand include:

1. Eurasian REC’s world-class intercollegiate campus

2. Russia’s first project for the large-scale technological education of children: The Berloga National Cyber-Physical Platform.

3. Bashkir Soda, perhaps the region’s best known product, will also be on display, along with BSK’s other high-tech products.

4. The Ufa Engine Building Production Association and other industrial enterprises from across the region.

Khabarovsk Territory

Khabarovsk Territory is the backbone of the Russian Far East.

Khabarovsk Territory is Russia’s 3rd largest region. It is the industrial, sporting, and cultural centre of the Russian Far East and ranks 1st for education in the Far East.

The exposition will feature projects included in the Master Plans for the development of Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur alongside projects in aircraft engineering, shipbuilding, civil engineering, and border, railway, and maritime infrastructure.

Visitors will learn more about the products manufactured in the region, and VR technologies will take guests on tours of the SU-57 and SU-35 aeroplanes produced in the region.

Meetings, negotiations, and signings have also been planned at the stand as part of the SPIEF 2024 business programme.