Grey Tailoring

Gray Tailoring is a Neapolitan Boutique Atelier in Moscow. We tailor-make suits, jackets, shirts and coats. The boutique is located in Crocus City Mall, whereas the production takes place in Naples, Italy.

Atelier exclusively represents Principe di Eleganza Napoli tailoring in Moscow. All suits are manually cut and built, with 32 craftsmen creating no more then ten suits per day. The founder of the factory, Enrico Manzo, is one of the world-famous tailors from Naples. His clientele includes Gildo Zegna, Sergio Loro Piana, famous politicians, officials, and presidents.

The Gray Tailoring stand will present sample suits and a new collection of fabrics by Loro Piana, Zegna and Ariston.


YAMAGUCHI is the official distributor of YAMAGUCHI and US MEDICA premium massage equipment in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Today the company is a market leader in massage equipment.

YAMAGUCHI massage chairs can be found in the waiting and relaxation areas in major Russian and foreign companies, elite fitness clubs, car salesrooms and hotels, airport business lounges and VIP areas in the major cities of Russia.

Arkhangelsk Region

Arkhangelsk Region is the largest province in Europe, known as the cradle of the national fleet and the birthplace of the Russian flag. Carefully preserving traditions, the region gives special attention to identifying new growth points and unlocking its own potential.

The Arkhangelsk Region stand presents the economic, scientific, investment and tourist potential of the region.

Visitors will see presentations of the leading regional enterprises and priority investment projects or will have a chance to go on a virtual expedition with the Arctic Floating University.

Moreover, the stand will feature locally produced unique jewellery with northern diamonds (gems are mined near Arkhangelsk at the largest diamond deposit in Europe).

Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR)

The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) is the union of sixteen most innovative regions of the Russian Federation.

AIRR members are: Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Mordovia, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Republic of Tatarstan, Altai Territory, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Perm Territory, Irkutsk Region, Kaluga Region, Lipetsk Region, Novgorod Region, Novosibirsk Region, Samara Region, Tomsk Region, Tyumen Region, Ulyanovsk Region.

The goal of the Association is to promote economic interaction between the Association member regions, that would be built on their comprehensive representation at the interregional, federal and international levels.

The RW3000 wind power plant

The Aerodynamics research, development and production facility presents the Russian-designed RW3000 wind power plant, with a capacity of 3 MW. When creating the shape of the blades, a full three-dimensional automated optimization of the rotor section of the plant was carried out – for the first time in engineering. As a result, the power of the product has been increased significantly, while all the specified constraints have been maintained. To find the optimum goal function, a Russian software package was used.

The wind power is controlled by the Russian software, which enables a simultaneous increase in the utilization coefficient of the installed capacity of a single wind turbine and of the wind farm as a whole. Pilot and serial production of the RW3000 are to be carried out in St. Petersburg.

Vladimir Region

The Vladimir Region is a land of hospitality and development. Its stand will be a presentation platform for industrial, tourist and investment potential. All SPIEF participants will learn about the Region’s leading companies in various fields, as well as investment sites and offers in the Region. The Vladimir Region is an old historic centre and birthplace of Russian statehood. Immerse yourself in the rich historical and cultural atmosphere of this ancient land, with its monasteries and temples, famous estates, traditional Russian cuisine in a modern interpretation, cozy hotels, unusual museums and unique traditions of original folk art crafts!

Etalon Group

Founded in 1987 by Vyacheslav Zarenkov, Etalon Group today is one of the leading development and construction corporations in Russia. The company specializes in middle class residential real estate in St. Petersburg, where it is represented by the Etalon LenSpetsSMU brand, as well as in Moscow and Moscow Region.

With over 30 years of successful experience, the company has one of the longest track records in the Russian real estate industry. Since its establishment, Etalon Group has commissioned 6.3 million square meters.

Kaluga Region

‘Join us!’ is the main message of the Kaluga Region exhibition stand. The exposition presents the region’s investment and infrastructure opportunities: industrial sites, international logistics routes, digital projects, as well as world-class products from leading companies. Decorated with materials produced at Kaluga factories, the stand offers technological and creative solutions, which make it possible to test almost all the products and latest innovations in action. Company executives and project creators will share their success stories. The exposition will include presentation zones and comfortable meeting rooms equipped for partner companies.

Krasnodar Region

The Krasnodar Territory exhibition booth will include the area for presentation and business, where visitors can learn about the region’s investment and economic potential, take part in the eventful business programme and discuss some of the current topics.

The other part of the stand will host the Kuban cuisine restaurant, which has already become a tradition. This is where guests have a chance to enjoy dishes prepared from the high-quality natural Kuban farming produce.

The main goal of the stand this year is to present to visitors the potential of Kuban winemaking, as well as a new promising investment area: film production. The region’s filming locations and movie projects will be presented at the stand.


Kuzbass ranks among Russia’s top industrial regions and is the country’s leader in coal mining! At SPIEF 2019, it presents an interactive stand and its slogan #CleanCoal=GreenKuzbass.

The #CleanCoal=GreenKuzbass stand will break stereotypes about Kuzbass as a mining region with poor living conditions. AR technology will take Kuzbass stand visitors to unique natural wonders and help them see taiga forest at different times of the day!

Leningrad Region

This year’s concept of the Leningrad Region stand at SPIEF will be ‘Developing human capital in cooperation with the business community’. Visitors will have a chance to see the interactive presentations of regional projects aimed at developing human resources.

Traditionally, agreement signing ceremonies will be held at SPIEF, setting another record in the volume of investments.

Another important subject is the Year of Healthy Lifestyle. Welcome to our stand to determine your healthy lifestyle index by taking an interactive test, and to try the regional produce such as dairy products, coffee and teas from our healthy food bar.


Moscow is a major modern metropolis with enormous investment potential.

Moscow has two booths under a common brand:

The first presents the tools that ensure growth in the capital’s economic appeal: existing and future technology parks, the Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone, projects to support business and public-private partnerships, and global investment projects. The city constantly develops and enhances mechanisms of attracting investment, never standing still.

The second presents the Moscow Central Diameters (MCDs) railways, one of the largest transport projects in the world, which is being implemented by the Government of the Russian Federation, the Government of Moscow, the Government of the Moscow Region, Russian Railways, Central Suburban Passenger Company, and the Moscow Metro. The MCDs are a new type of transport that will combine the format of commuter trains and the metro, and essentially create an aboveground metro system. At the booth, you can enter a full-size high-tech model of the Ivolga train, learn about all the passenger services offered by modern rolling stock, and get all the information you need about the implementation of this megaproject. Representatives of the project participants will also give presentations.

Moscow is a city of great opportunities!

Moscow Region

Moscow Region is going to present its investment potential and provide information on regional support measures for investors at its Forum stand. Other events include: business cocktail reception for representatives of the business community in a form of a dialogue with the participation of the Governor of Moscow Region, Andrei Vorobyov; talks and investment agreements signing with Russian and foreign companies to implement projects in the Moscow Region; presentation of cutting-edge digital innovations and fundamentally new projects and solutions in investment, culture, sports, healthcare, social development, education, transport, energy, construction and utilities.

Nizhny Novgorod Region

The Nizhny Novgorod Region is rich in history and famous for its marvelous architectural monuments. In 2021, the city of Nizhny Novgorod will celebrate its 800th anniversary.

Along with its cultural heritage, the Nizhny Novgorod Region is characterized by traditionally developed industry, which accounts for one third of the region’s GRP. The region is 7th in Russia by the production volume of processing industries.

The region is actively involved in the federal agenda for Russia’s environmental progress, including the development of solutions to environmental problems and tools to promote the promising environmental projects. In addition, ecotourism and river tourism are developing well.

Novgorod Region

Novgorod Region leads in the growth of investment appeal rating among the Russian regions. The region’s stand will become an interactive platform for open dialogue and exchange of experience between the government and the business community. The exhibition will present the region’s economic, tourist and investment opportunities. Visitors of the stand will have a chance to take a virtual walk through Veliky Novgorod, get acquainted with advanced investment projects implemented in the region, as well as learn about the success stories of the leading companies in the chemical industry, fire resistant technologies, food industry, radio electronics, and others. Feel the legendary hospitality of the Novgorod land!

Penza Region

The Penza Region is a dynamic Russian region located at the crossroads of large thoroughfares. Rich resources, developed industry and qualified personnel – that is what makes the region attractive for investors.

At the Penza Region stand, visitors have a chance to learn about the measures to support investors and the large-scale development projects for the regional economy.

The focus of the exhibition is to present the region’s industrial potential and promising investment opportunities. The key area is machine tool industry.

The region’s delegation will be headed by Governor Ivan Belozertsev. Agreement signing with Russian and foreign companies, as well as presentations of investment projects are planned.

Pskov Region

‘Russia starts here’. Pskov Region rightfully claimed this status due to its unique location. The region borders three states and is close to the largest urban agglomerations of Russia, which indues Pskov Region with far-reaching opportunities for business development and economic growth.

We invite you to visit the Pskov Region stand and meet the investment, economic and tourist potential of the region.

Visitors are welcome to taste the traditional organic Pskov Sbiten.

The stand will present the major enterprises of the region. The Governor of Pskov Region Mikhail Vedernikov is expected to sign several relevant agreements that will significantly contribute to the regional economic development.

Welcome to Pskov Region!


Russian Military Historical Society

The Russian Military Historical Society (RMHS) is the successor to the Imperial Russian Military Historical Society, which was established by Order of Emperor Nicolas II in 1907. It was re-established by Order of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in 2012. The Society’s goals include study of the military history of Russia and cooperation in preserving cultural heritage.

One of the main projects RMHS is engaged in is the Memorial to the Soviet Soldier in Rzhev. The memorial is being erected on an initiative of veterans of the Great Patriotic War on the site of the bloody battles that took place near Rzhev in 1942 and 1943.

The project is being realized thanks to donations from the people and support from the Union State of Russia and Belarus, the Russian Ministry of Culture, and the Government of Tver Region.

Republic of Bashkortostan – Territory of Opportunities

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the formation of the first autonomy in Russia – the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

We are closing the pages on the first century of our republic and are already writing new ones. We enter the second century proudly and confidently, with a developed economy and enormous human potential.

“Alga, Bashkiria! Forward, Bashkortostan!” is the motto that will be used to organize the exhibition of the Republic of Bashkortostan along with a presentation of the republic’s investment opportunities and industrial potential.

Crimea Republic

Crimea will present its major economic achievements at SPIEF 2019. Over the first five-year term, the republic has reached the regular Russian level of development, with its economy expanding at nearly twice the average growth rate. At the exhibition stand, we will present successful investment projects and current government support measures. In addition, guests can learn about the investment sites and regional projects on the interactive map created by the Development Corporation of the Crimea Republic. We want to draw attention to the promising region, to present its potential, and to create a platform for the most effective communication and the signing of new agreements.

Republic of Tatarstan

In 2019, SPIEF will once again host a large Republic of Tatarstan delegation headed by President Rustam Minnikhanov.

Tatarstan, the leading region of the Russian Federation for socio-economic development, presents key industrial enterprises, seven federal and dozens of regional investment sites. The stand will host leading representatives of government and business. We invite forum participants to discuss business opportunities in the three-times best investment climate in Russia. Invest in Tatarstan! Do business in Tatarstan! Produce in Tatarstan! Be a partner of Tatarstan!


RNCB Bank (PJSC) is a systemic bank of the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol, with 100% of shares owned by the Russian Federation. RNCB serves about 2.1 million individuals and 65,000 corporate customers.

The Bank's information stand designed as an eco-office presents a paperless office project, which makes it possible to abandon the printing of most paper documents, saving up to 20 million pages and up to 1,600 trees a year. Customers sign documents using their mobile phones or bank cards.

The introduction of such paper-free office requires a well-developed IT infrastructure and a high level of automation.

Ryazan Region

At SPIEF 2019, the Ryazan Region will present its best practices in the field of digital economy, industry, healthcare and investment appeal.

The sAt SPIEF 2019, the Ryazan Region will present its best practices in the field of digital economy, industry, healthcare and investment appeal.

The stand will focus on already implemented and planned projects in the Ryazan Region in such fields as medical tourism, telemedicine, transformation of the civil servant's workplace, CDO school and e-University. There will be particular focus on presentation of the Ryazan innovation, science and technology centre. Among other things, the Ryazan Region will present promising investment sites, as well as a major investment project – creation of the Dry Port Ryazan multimodal transport and logistics complex. Guests will also be offered a chance to taste products of Ryazan manufacturers.tand will focus on already implemented and planned projects in the Ryazan Region in such fields as medical tourism, telemedicine, transformation of the civil servant's workplace, CDO school and e-University. There will be particular focus on presentation of the Ryazan innovation, science and technology centre. Among other things, the Ryazan Region will present promising investment sites, as well as a major investment project – creation of the Dry Port Ryazan multimodal transport and logistics complex. Guests will also be offered a chance to taste products of Ryazan manufacturers.

Samara Region

The Samara Region stand features local company projects and information about the Region’s investment potential, an interactive map demonstrating the socioeconomic development of the Samara Region using sensor technology, the Falcon air reconnaissance complex performing different types of task, from patrolling to control, the Pirogov interactive anatomy table enabling anatomists to examine both the anatomical layer in general and separate parts of the human body, a 3D model of the bridge across the Volga River, which will become part of the Europe – Western China international transport corridor and a key transport hub in Russia, as well as virtual walks around the cities of the Region.

Sverdlovsk Region

Sverdlovsk region is the industrial heart of Russia with a rich cultural heritage.

The largest industrial region expands the boundaries of its public image, implementing complex IT, infrastructure and social development projects and becoming a new centre for business and recreational tourism.

Sverdlovsk Region presents:

- scientific, industrial and educational IT-centre Kontur-Park, the base for the digital development of the regional economy;

- high-speed highway Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk: 218 kilometres in just 70 minutes;

- modern tourist and recreational cluster Belaya Gora: 2500 hectares of recreation, sports and entertainment.

Siberian Federal District and the ‘Siberian Agreement’ Association

“The future is coming today!” Such is the leitmotif of the exhibition stand of the Siberian Federal District and the Interregional Association ‘Siberian Agreement’. The exposition demonstrates the potential of large-scale projects in science, ecology, the real sector, infrastructure, and tourism, which shape up the basis of the comprehensive programme for Siberia’s development. Multimedia equipment of the stand demonstrates the dynamics of how the regions benefit from promising projects and undergo positive transformation. An interactive presentation space and a multi-functional business meeting room are going to be installed at the exhibition site.

Tambov Region

At the stand of the Tambov Region, guests and forum participants will have a chance to get acquainted with the advantages of the region, which attract investors and tourists.

Fertile chernozems, leadership in environmental rankings, Russia’s only agrarian Science Town Michurinsk, Kotovsk Advanced Special Economic Zone, more than 140 investment sites, industrial parks, tax breaks, major investment projects, winner of the grand prix in event tourism Pokrovskaya International Fair, the ‘Russian Estates’ tourist route – all of this is Tambov Region, rightfully called the heart of Russia.

The region’s stand is inspired by the great composer and pianist Sergey Rachmaninov, whose best works were created in the Tambov area.

Tver Region

Tver Region presents a unique tourism project, integrating several regions. Gosudareva Doroga (Monarchic Road) is the famous track connecting St. Petersburg and Moscow. The imperial Romanov dynasty corteges, poets, writers, and eminent politicians of the past travelled this road, which in turn called for the construction of the en route imperial palaces, taverns, postal stations, and carriage repair shops.

The territories of the regions participating in the project are saturated with history and culture. Tourist route themes are boundless.

Gosudareva Doroga could be a worthy alternative to the Golden Ring of Russia and gain a National Heritage status.

Tula Region

As part of SPIEF 2019, the Government of the Tula Region plans to sign investment agreements worth over RUB 90 bn.

The stand will display the Region’s industrial sites offering additional preferences in project implementation, including the Uzlovaya Special Economic Zone of an industrial production type, the Aleksin and Yefremov Advanced Special Economic Zones and the Uzlovaya Industrial Park.

In June 2019, the Haval Motor Manufacturing Rus car plant was launched at Uzlovaya Industrial Park. Forum guests will have an opportunity to see Haval cars produced by the new plant.

VisitCaucasus Fund

The Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs of the Russian Federation, together with the North Caucasus tourism development institutes, the VisitCaucasus Fund, KSK JSC and KRSK JSC will present the investment and tourism potential of seven regions at a single North Caucasus Federal District’s stand. Presentations include significant economic development projects:

– the exhibition stand will present plans for the development of tourist and recreational complexes in the North Caucasus, priority projects in agro-industry and tourism and the Caspian transport system project;

– the VisitCaucasus Fund operations visualization (map of tourist routes).

The business programme includes signing agreements, project presentations and negotiations with investors.

“Kierge” Jewellery House

The “Kierge” Jewellery House was founded in 1993.

The “Kierge” Jewellery Company supports the republic’s image at the national and international levels by taking part in competitions and winning prizes.

In 2018 alone, “Kierge” LLC received the following awards:

  • 100 projects under the patronage of the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

  • Laureate of the World Jewellers Competition named in honour of Carl Fabergé.

  • First place in the Ethnic Motifs category as part of the XIV JUNWEX Moscow International Exhibition of Jewellery and Watch Brands.

  • Laureate of the “Reliable Business Partner” National Award as part of the “For the Good of Russia” Public Programme.

We invite you to visit the booth of the “Kierge” Jewellery House to see exclusive products with Yakut diamonds.


Yaroslavl Region

At the Yaroslavl Region stand, you have a chance to find out about the latest solutions in science and technology developed by companies of the region.

Preservation of traditions, evolutionary development, innovations, as well as strong support from the federal and regional governments allowed the region to take a meaningful step up in the industrial sector. Please visit the Yaroslavl Region exhibition stand to see that for yourself.