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Pitfalls of Reskilling. What Education is Business Looking For?

15 Jun , 12:15–13:45
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Congress Centre, conference hall B2

Practically every week we hear questions like ‘Do you know about that? Do you have this app? Do you know how to do this?’ We need to keep changing and learn new things all the time. Artificial Intelligence and computer vision are not mere abstract concepts anymore: cameras recognize our faces, we talk to robots, while computers compose music on par with Mozart. What about businesses and their staff? How do they adjust to this avalanche of change? Industries all over the world face the so-called gaps in professional training. Experts believe that France will need another 80 thousand IT specialists and electronics engineers in 2020s, while the United States will need extra 250 thousand data scientists. In the UK, 23% of the population lack basic digital technology skills, though 90% of new jobs come from these industries. Russia is starting to experience a need for digital professionals, with businesses looking for something entirely different in today’s education. What major problems in human resources will business face in the near future? What are the best approaches to personnel nowadays? How does one train and develop it? Why skills are more sought after than knowledge? Where is the thin line between the tasks that can be solved with skills and those requiring multidisciplinary education? What is reskilling? Who is prepared to tackle these tasks today? What are the best ways to do it? Universities take 1–2 years to develop programmes and 4–6 to train students. Over these years, the world changes so much that these programmes are dated by default. What can be done about this? What can be delegated to AI, computers and robots? What will be left for people? How will new technologies change the job market?

Roman Gerasimov, TV presenter
Elena Dyukareva, Vice President, Union Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Aleksandra Glazkova, Deputy General Director – Director for Organizational Development and Communications, Uralchem
Margarita Datskaya, President, AMI Business School
Natalia Komleva, Financial Director, Nexign
Oxana Nabok, Managing Partner, Train Your Brain and Leadership School; Head of the Сhange Management Committee, Digital Experts Association
Anjelica Nyrova, Deputy General Director for Finance, Russian Society "Knowledge"
Olga Uskova, Founder, President, Cognitive Technologies