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Positive Technologies
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Positive Technologies is an industry leader in results-driven cybersecurity and a major global provider of information security solutions. For 22 years, our mission has been to safeguard businesses and entire industries against the threat of cyberattacks. Over 4,000 organizations worldwide use technologies and services developed by our company. Positive Technologies has assisted with cybersecurity at international events such as the Universiade in Kazan, the Winter Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. Our company was an official cybersecurity partner of the Games of the Future 2024&

Positive Technologies is the first and only cybersecurity company in Russia to have gone public on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX: POSI), with 200,000 shareholders and counting.

Denis Baranov - CEO of Positive Technologies

Aquarius PC LLC
Innovation Space General Partner

Aquarius PC LLC is the largest Russian developer and manufacturer of computer equipment and IT solutions. The company celebrates 35 years since it was founded. Systemic company of electronic industry. Manage two modern manufacturing units in Shuya (Ivanovskaya region) and Tver, the capacity of which will grow to 2.5 million by the end of 2025 in segments: PC, monitors, all-in-one, laptops, corporate smartphones, tablets, servers, data-storage systems, telecommunication equipment. Has three R&D centers in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and St.Petersburg.

Vladimir Stepanov - President of Aquarius PC LLC.

IVA Technologies
Innovation Space General Partner

IVA Technologies is one of the leaders of the Russian IT market, the leading developer of the corporate communications ecosystem IVA. The company's ecosystem includes more than 10 solutions developed on the basis of a single super-app: IVA Connect corporate messenger, IVA MCU video conferencing platform, VKURSE cloud video conferencing platform, IVA GPT business assistant based on AI, IVA MS management and monitoring system, IVA CS Communication Server, IP-phones, IVA Room and IVA Largo video terminals, IVA SBC session border controller and others. According to Market CNews data, the flagship product of IVA Technologies - IVA MСU video conferencing platform - is the leader among Russian solutions for corporate communications.

IVA Technologies provides comprehensive and secure communication solutions for businesses and state-owned companies of any size. The company's products cover the needs of customers of any complexity and allow employees to interact in a single information space.

Stanislav Iodkovsky - Chief Executive Officer of IVA Technologies

Innovation Space Partners

BitRiver is the largest operator of mining data centers and importer of mining equipment in Russia. The company provides hosting services and turnkey solutions for the production of digital assets in its high-tech data centers. BitRiver was founded by Igor Runets in 2017, and the company has emerged as a world leader in the data center and industrial-scale mining industry.

BitRiver creates backbone IT clusters and new jobs in the regions where it has a footprint, closely interacting with government authorities and faithfully adhering to the principles of corporate social responsibility. At present, BitRiver has a headcount exceeding 500 full-time employees, 15 operational data centers with a total capacity over 533 MW, where more than 175,000 units of computing machines have already been hosted, while the company is currently rolling out 14 more new facilities with a total capacity of 1 GW.

Igor Runets - Founder and CEO of BitRiver