Partner Accreditation

Dear partners,

Accreditation of the representatives of partner companies of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019 in all categories (participants with Premium and Standard packages, event participants, technical staff, drivers, vehicles) begins on 1 March 2019.

Please pay particular attention to the key dates for providing information and rules for working in the personal web office of a partner company.

1 March – 10 May 2019 1 March – 20 May 2019 25 March – 3 June 2019
Approval of quotas Requests accepted for accreditation, amendments, and additions Receipt of accreditation package

The personal web office of a partner company contains the following information:

  • Participants: here you should register the representatives of your company with Premium and Standard packages, and event participants.

  • Vehicles and Drivers of Participants: here you may see the vehicles and drivers registered via the participant’s personal web office.

  • Staff: here you may register stand assistants and technical staff of your company.

  • Contractors: information about the registered representatives of your contractor (in a view mode).

  • Useful Information: in this section you can find information about regulations for loading and unloading operations and freight traffic flows to the unloading area at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Accreditation for the Forum period is necessary for those employees, drivers and vehicles of partner company that, for business reasons, will be present at the main venue of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (hereinafter referred to as SPIEF) from 18:00 on 3 June 2019 to 22:00 on 8 June 2019.

Accreditation for the period of assembly/disassembly is necessary for those employees, drivers and vehicles of a partner company who, for business reasons, will be present at the main venue of SPIEF from 08:00 on 19 May 2019 to 18:00 on 3 June 2019 and from 22:00 on 8 June 2019 to 24:00 on 14 June 2019.

Please note that accreditation for the assembly/disassembly is not required for employees, drivers, and vehicles accredited for the Forum period.

For accreditation of participants, staff, vehicles and drivers (as required by technical staff), you need to:

  1. Fill in the partner company card (the number of Participants and Staff must be specified in accordance with the terms of the partnership agreement).

  2. Scan the printed partner company card signed by the organization head and stamped. Send the electronic form in Excel format (partner company card) and a scanned copy in the PDF or JPEG format to the email address:

  3. Receive the individual user name – login and password to log into the personal web office by email from the manager for partner relations.

  4. Use the login and password to log into the personal web office on the Forum’s official website.

  5. Complete the questionnaires for participants and staff (technical staff, stand assistants, transport and drivers (for technical staff)).

  6. Upload photos of the participants and staff. Photos are not required for temporary passes (for the assembly/disassembly period).

    Photographs must meet the following requirements:

    • 480х640 pixels;
    • colour against a white background, of the ‘document’ type;
    • .jpg or .jpeg file extensions;
    • front-view, full face, without a hat;
    • face must take up at least 70% of the photo.
  7. Upon completing the questionnaires for participants, enter the personal web office of each participant and register vehicles and drivers, if necessary.

    The vehicles of participants with premium and standard packages (personal or rented) may be registered only from the personal web office of the participant!

  8. Accreditation applications for stand assistants, technical staff, drivers and vehicles must be submitted between 1 March 2019 and 5 May 2019.

    Amendments of or additions to the accreditation lists are subject for approval by the partner relations directorate and must get approved before 10 May 2019.

    After 10 May 2019, any amendments or additions must be approved by the Forum Director.

  9. To ensure accreditation convenience, participants may pick up their accreditation badges at accreditation points at the Forum main venue or at places of their arrival and accommodation.

  10. Badges/passes for staff (technical staff, stand assistants and drivers) and vehicles of technical staff will be received in ONE accreditation package (AP) by a responsible person with a power of attorney and passport, the time being agreed in advance with the manager responsible for your organization.

    You can print out a copy of the power of attorney and the list of employees, vehicles and drivers from your personal web office (the section entitled ‘Powers of attorney and Lists’).

To pick up badges and temporary passes by power of attorney, passport copies of all employees and drivers awaiting accreditation, according to the lists attached to the power of attorney, must be presented.

If cross-checking will reveal inconsistencies in passport details, badges will be reissued only after appropriate changes are made and the information submitted in reprocessed (minimum of 3 business days).

The badges/passes may not be picked up by employees/drivers personally!

If you have any questions about accreditation of employees, vehicles and drivers, please contact the Technical Staff and Vehicles Accreditation Department by telephone: +7 (812) 408 0013 from 10:00 to 18:00.