Roscongress Club

"Russian Media Group: Creative & Business". fashion and music industries. Problems and solutions.

16 Jun , 16:00–17:30
In partnership with Russian Media Group JSC

The popular music industry and the fashion industry are inextricably linked. The great designers of the fashion industry have often found inspiration in great music. Pop stars created their shows in collaboration with the leaders of the fashion industry, which significantly increased the level of the show and its popularity.
Historically, in Russia, the interaction of these two industries has been disrupted. The participants of the session plan to discuss how to re-build the relationship between the fashion and music industries, how to interact with other entertainment industries, and how to create a new, truly popular mass culture of Russian fashion.
Russian designers, with rare exceptions, do not have the financial means to create a high-quality, affordable product. It was much more profitable to be part of a strong brand that had no Russian roots and did not play a serious role in the domestic segment of the economy. The speakers will dwell on the concept of the cultural code of Russian fashion: does it exist or, with the departure of Western glossy media and designers, has Russia been left without this industry?
Will the Russian fashion industry be able to adapt to the new conditions of the times? What is the role of the music industry and Russian popular stars in promoting the goods of the domestic fashion industry? Are we ready for this challenge?

Session speakers:
Sergey Shnurov - rock musician
Yana Rudkovskaya - Producer
Natalia Malinova - Vice President of VTB Bank, Commercial Director of VTB Arena
Yulia Rubleva – IBG Managing Partner, public figure, creative and ideological inspirer of projects, founder of the #ARTMACENAT project, patron of the Kuzminki-Lublino State Museum Reserve
Alla Kravcheno - Founder and creative director of the brand AllaCouture

Ekaterina Kasperovich - Business Development Director of the Russian Media Group