Business Priority

Regional Innovation: How the Sharing Economy is Forging a New Pathway for Growth

04 Jun , 11:45–13:00
Business Priority Programme
Presentation session
Pavilion H, Business Priority Zone

The main objective of this session is to explore the potential of sharing platforms and the philosophy of the sharing economy. It is based on engaged responsible consumption, along with a new model of attracting investment. These platforms are providing new financial mechanisms for transport, property, and agricultural assets, among others.

According to experts, the global sharing economy will be worth USD 325 billion by 2025, with an average growth rate of at least 20%.

With the aid of sharing platforms, Russia’s regions are stimulating business activity, benefiting from new investment mechanisms and creating a new kind of urban environment.

As part of the session, representative of the Innovative Russia expedition will be presenting a report. The initiative aims to audit regional innovation ecosystems across Russia.

Julia Gadliba, chairman of the Management Board of Renaissance Insurance