Reliance on internal potential and national and ethnic uniqueness to be the central topic of the Creative Business Forum at SPIEF 2023

Reliance on internal potential and national and ethnic uniqueness to be the central topic of the Creative Business Forum at SPIEF 2023

17 June, the final day of SPIEF 2023, will feature the Creative Business Forum organized by the Innosocium Foundation, Roscongress’s Social Platform. The Spirit of Fire Academy will act as the Forum’s strategic partner.

The Forum programme focuses on exploring the potential of creative industries as a tool for creating a sustainable future through ergonomic solutions, the synergy of innovations and creativity, and the harmonious integration of national and ethnic traditions into modern culture. The key topic of the Forum will be the issue of developing a creative economy that relies on internal potential and the ethnic uniqueness of Russia’s regions. Participants will concentrate their discussions on stepping up industrial dialogue and developing the film industry.

“The Creative Business Forum is an effective discussion venue focused on matters of developing creative entrepreneurship and sociocultural policy. Today, reliance on cultural and historical values, traditions and creative legacy as the basis for developing human capital produces multiplicative effect and once again confirms the potential of this rapidly developing area of the economy,” said Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President and Executive Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee.

Over 50 experts will take part in the Creative Business Forum’s programme: art managers, designers, publishers, film producers, government representatives and members of the business community. The Forum’s plenary session is titled “Cultural Dialogues in the Era of Global Changes”. The Forum will feature discussions on the most pressing issues facing the creative industries: export strategies for animation brands, new partnerships on the Russian film market, education as a creative ecosystem, the search for identity, investment in creative industries, media in an era of change, the creative capital of Russia’s regions, the art of building a brand, etc.

The event will feature discussions of the latest issues in filmmaking, and screenings of new films on the culture of Indigenous peoples of the Russian North. All this will take part with support of the Creative Business Forum’s strategic partner, the Spirit of Fire Academy – a future communication venue that will help shape a creative and industrial dialogue in filmmaking.

“This is an autonomous non-profit organization that offers laboratories and workshops. It will promote our films, teach young people to make films, attract professionals, and apply world-class competences in filmmaking,” said Natalya Komarova, Governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District.

The Innosocium Foundation stand at SPIEF will operate for the duration of SPIEF 2023 and will be large enough for participants who plan to attend the discussions in person to stop by. It will also serve as a venue for speakers to hold discussions and master classes on inclusion, mentorship, and effective interactions with civil society.

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