SPIEF Start Day Programme Published

SPIEF Start Day Programme Published

SPIEF Start Day Programme Published

Several business sessions and roundtables are going to be held on 5 June, the start day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

One of the key sessions will be dedicated to the sustainable development of territories through a dialogue between government and business. “Sustainable development of territories is a topic on the agenda of the world’s countries which has an impact on the strategic priorities of their development. The concept of the balanced development of these elements cannot be implemented without effective interaction between government and business. During the session, we will cover the most effective ways of interaction between the commercial and public sectors, using the event industry as an example of one of the world’s fastest growing sectors,” notes CEO of the Russia Convention Bereau Alexey Kalachev.

Another important subject of the start day will be municipal solid waste management. Within the session ‘Cleaning Up the Country: Reforming the Waste Management Sector’, the discussion participants will assess the condition of the waste market in Russia, whether it has become more efficient and civilized, as well as the prospects for attracting investments in the industry, and how to make all the country’s towns and cities clean, environmentally friendly and attractive for living, regardless of their size. A separate session on the start day will be dedicated to the legislative regulation of waste management.

Roundtable ‘A Strategy for Coupling the Greater Eurasian Partnership with the Belt and Road Initiative: The Search for Solutions’ will cover the strategic priorities of the institutions and mechanisms to build the Greater Eurasian Partnership, as well as the potential to couple it with the Belt and Road Initiative with the view to achieving sustainable growth based on dialogue and partnership between Eurasia’s leading powers. The roundtable will include the discussion of conceptual proposals for the development of the Greater Eurasian Partnership, as well as issues and prospects related to collaboration between the Eurasian Economic Union and the Belt and Road Initiative between Russia and China.

Cooperation between Russia and China will be discussed during the roundtable ‘Regional Cooperation between Russia and China. What Next?’ The round table is the concluding event of the 4th Russia–China Business Forum.

Additionally, 5 June SPIEF venue will host the 5th Russian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Forum. Forum participants will consider such issues as creating an ecosystem for developing youth entrepreneurship, interaction between large and small businesses in industry, outsourcing as a partnership tool for business and the state, global value chains, constraints and growth points for digital trading in Russia, and attracting investment for innovative projects, among other topics. Forum programme is available on the event’s website.

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