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LUKOIL is one of the largest international private vertically-integrated energy companies, accounting for over 2% of global oil production and about 1% of proved hydrocarbon reserves.

With exploration, production and marketing of oil, gas, petroleum and petrochemical products being LUKOIL Group’s core businesses, the company plays a key role on Russia’s fuel and energy market. One of the largest taxpayers in this country, LUKOIL produces and refines 15% of oil in Russia.

Operating in six federal districts (64 regions) of the Russian Federation and over thirty countries worldwide, LUKOIL is continuously expanding its geographic presence.

Since its incorporation, LUKOIL has been conducting its business in a sustainable way, seeking to strike a balance between environmental sustainability and social and economic development.

Vagit Alekperov - President of PJSC LUKOIL, Executive member of the Board of Directors of PJSC LUKOIL, Chairman of the Management Committee of PJSC LUKOIL

Otkritie Bank

Otkritie Bank is a full-service commercial bank benefiting from a diversified business structure. It is recognized by the CBR as a systemically important financial institution.

Otkritie Bank is among the top 10 largest banks in Russia and is a systemically important credit institution. It has been operating in the financial market since 1993 and currently offers a full range of cutting-edge financial services to its corporate, retail, SME and Private Banking clients. The principal shareholder of Otkritie Bank is the Bank of Russia with 100% of the share capital.

Otkritie Bank operates through more than 413 offices in 199 cities located in 73 regions of the Russian Federation.

Mikhail Zadornov - President — Chairman of the Management Board

Promsvyazbank Publik Join-Stock Company (Promsvyazbank PJSC)

PJSC Promsvyazbank (PSB) is a universal bank founded in 1995.

PSB is included in the TOP-10 Russian largest banks and in the list of systemically important credit institutions, approved by the Central Bank, legally defined as a pivotal bank for carrying out operations under the state defense order and large state contracts.

PSB offers a wide range of services for retail and corporate clients, including defense industry enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, including settlement and cash services, various lending and savings programs, brokerage and investment services in the financial markets, leasing and factoring operations, payroll projects and remote services.

The bank's regional network includes more than 300 sales offices and about 10 000 ATMs (including ATMs of partner banks) in Russia.


Russian Railways is one of the largest rail companies in the world and one of the TOP-3 of the world rail industry leaders with huge passenger and freight transportation volumes, high financial ratings, extensive scientific and technological basis, project and construction facilities, experience in international cooperation.

100% of the company stock belongs to the Russian Federation.

LLC Transoil

Transportation and logistics group Transoil – a leading Russian private group of companies consisting of the same name transportation and three service companies maintaining the technical operation of locomotives and rolling stock. The group's strategy is aimed to growth of the park and cargoes’ range diversification, as well as the development of supporting infrastructure.

LLC Transoil, a leading transport company, has been rendering cargo-shipping services using privately-owned and leased rolling stock since 2003. Company operations encompass roughly 50,000 rail tank cars. Moreover, the Company owns 39 locomotives serviced by locomotive crews and repair divisions run by the Group’s operating company – Transoil-Service.

Vladimir Sokolov - CEO

Russian Export Center JSC

Russian Export Center JSC (REC, part of VEB.RF) is a state-owned development institute established by the Government to support the development of the non-commodity exports sector. REC was established by the Federal Law in 2015.

The Russian Export Center Group offers a wide range of financial and non-financial support tools to help the Russian exporters explore the foreign markets and build capacity in the global trade. REC also acts as a focal point for interaction with the relevant domestic ministries and agencies and cooperates with key industries and business players in Russia to improve the export conditions and help bypass trade barriers.

The REC Group incorporates the Russian Agency for Export Credit and Investment Insurance (EXIAR JSC) and Eximbank of Russia JSC aiming to offer comprehensive integrated services to the export-oriented companies. ⁠

Veronika Nikishina - General Director of the Russian Export Center

The Bank of Non-Core Assets TRUST

The Bank of Non-Core Assets TRUST is a majority state-owned Russian financial institution. It was founded in July, 2018 on the basis of the bank TRUST (PJSC) through consolidation of non-core assets of the financial institutions being restored. The Bank TRUST acts to effectively manage the assets for the purpose of their restoration and value appreciation with subsequent sale on the market at the highest possible price. Through sale of assets the state will be able to recover costs for resolution of the largest banks. The strategy of the Bank TRUST is to get 482 billion rubles until the end of 2023. The assets of the Bank TRUST include: Inteco, Group of Companies, one of the leading developers, GEOTECH Seismic Services, PJSC, a systemically important company, Trust – Poultry-Farming Assets Management Company, and United Wagon Company (UWC), a leader of innovative car-building within the 1520 gauge railway track zone. The total balance cost of assets of the bank is 233 billion rubles. The subsidiaries of the Bank TRUST are located in 15 regions of Russia employing more than 30 thousand people.

Alexander Sokolov

Uralkali PJSC

Uralkali is one of the world’s leading producers of potash, a nutrient essential for the growth and development of all living organisms. The Company accounts for a significant share of global potash production and has control over its entire production chain, from mining of potash ores to supply of finished products to customers.

Uralkali’s production facilities are located in the Perm Region of Russia at the Verkhnekamskoye potassium and magnesium salt deposit, the world’s second largest one in terms of ore reserves.

Uralkali’s sales geography covers more than 70 countries worldwide. The Company’s strategy is aimed at maintaining flexibility of sales while focusing on further development of its own distribution networks.

Uralkali has in-house capacity to store, transport and ship raw materials and finished products, with key logistics assets including the Baltic Bulk Terminal in St. Petersburg (Russia) and a fleet of specialised mineral railcars.

Vitaly Lauk - CEO of Uralkali PJSC

Uralchem JSC

Established in 2007, Uralchem JSC is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of nitrogen, potash and phosphate fertilisers.

The Company’s production assets are located in Russia’s Kaliningrad Region (GEO NPK LLC), Kirov Region (KCKK branch), Moscow Region (Voskresensk Mineral Fertilisers JSC) and Perm Region (Azot branch, PMU branch, and Uralkali PJSC) and in total employ 31,000 persons.

Uralchem’s product range is based on actual customer needs and the latest agrichemical developments. The Company's products are widely used in agriculture and various industries including chemical, mining, metals, construction and others.

Dmitry Konyaev - CEO of Uralchem JSC


1C Company specializes in software development, distribution, publishing, and support. 1C Company serves customers through an extensive partnership network in 30 countries, including over 8 000 1C:Franchisee partners. These partners are certified by 1C to provide integration services for business automation. Among the software developed by 1C Company, the best known is 1C:Enterprise, a system of business automation products. It includes ERP-class business solutions, which improve the efficiency of enterprises and organizations and are built based on an innovative technological platform. Famous with outstanding flexibility, using onpremise, cloud and mobile environment, 1C:Enterprise successfully automates enterprise resource planning, operations, accounting, finance, HR and management activities in more than 1 500 000 companies, including major corporations and government institutions. The system holds a leading position on the Russian ERP market by the number of automated workplaces and have high export potential.

Boris Nuraliev - CEO

Russian Post JSC
Logistics Partner

Russian Post JSC is the largest federal postal and logistics operator in the country. It is part of the list of strategic enterprises and organizations of the Russian Federation.

Russian Post is the seventh largest company in the world in terms of the number of customer service outlets (over 38 thousand outlets in total, about 66% of which are located in small villages). It is one of the biggest employers in the country: about 310 000 people work here.

Russian Post is going through digital transformation from a traditional postal operator to a modern postal and logistics company. In 2021 its revenue from digital services increased by 42,7% to 52,8 billion rubles.

The mission of Russian Post is to improve people’s lives by providing high-quality and affordable postal, logistics, social and financial services throughout the country. Up to 6 million clients visit Russian Post offices every day.

Maxim Akimov - General Director, chairman of the board, member of the board of directors of Russian Post JSC

Media holding MAER
Communications Partner

MAER was founded in 2003 as an advertising agency specialized in image promotion and customized format of outdoor advertising. 18 years later the company has grown into a high-tech media holding with headquarters in Moscow and representative offices in 11 regions of Russia. Today MAER provides brand building services on the large-format digital media, such as media facades and supersites, for medium to large businesses, corporate entities and public institutions.

According to AdMetrix MAER is ranked as the largest company in Russia in terms of the square area of ​​media facades. In 2020 MAER has also become #1 outdoor advertising operator in accordance with the Real Estate Market Records awards. MAER has developed O2O (offline-to-online) technology, which allows retarget advertising campaigns online. MAER’s advertising constructures are connected to programmatic platforms for the self-placement of outdoor advertising campaigns by companies and agencies.

Konstantin Mayor - Founder and CEO of MAER media holding

The Stroytransgaz Group
Investment Partner

The Stroytransgaz Group of Companies is one of the largest diversified construction holdings in the country, employing more than 7,000 people. The Group's companies have completed more than 200 national and global projects in 20 countries around the world. Its strategic business lines include design, renovation and construction of facilities in power engineering, oil and gas, and other industries, transport and civil infrastructure including sports facilities.

Currently, there are 60 objects in operation, located in all time zones of Russia: from the Far East to Kaliningrad. Among the strategically significant projects are the construction of the M-12 Moscow-Kazan megatrass and the construction of cultural and educational complexes in 4 regions of the country, which are important not only for Russia, they are of great international importance.

Stroytransgaz Group is distinguished by the highest level of management and qualification of line management, a flexible and effective approach to solving non-standard tasks, rational spending of funds at all stages of design and construction.

Vladimir Lavlentsev - General Director of JSC Stroytransgaz

PJSC “MegaFon”
Telecommunications Partner

MegaFon is a pan-Russian provider of digital opportunities, a five-time winner of the Ookla Awards for the fastest mobile Internet in Russia. MegaFon offers mobile and fixed-line communication services, mobile and broadband Internet access, as well as high-tech solutions for subscribers, state-owned companies and businesses of varying scale.

Bringing together all IT and telecommunication business lines, MegaFon creates highly popular digital services based on cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, as well as solutions for reliable and secure telecommunication and cybersecurity. The company’s portfolio includes over 75 products and services, many of which are based on Russian software, thereby ensuring stable operation under any conditions.

In Russia, 74.4 million subscribers use the company's services.

Khachatur Pombukhchan - CEO of MegaFon