Creative Business Forum

The Film Industry in the New Economic Conditions: How Should Sustainability be Maintained?

15 Jun , 16:45–18:15
Transformation in the World and Growth in the Creative Economy
Pavilion G, conference hall G4

Movie theatres have been suffering losses since the beginning of March. Experts estimate that their number may halve by September. The suspension of film screenings in Russia by Hollywood studios and a decline in attendance at shopping centres, where cinemas are anchor tenants, have led to a reduction in the number of viewers by more than 50%. These circumstances have a negative impact on Russian film producers, who see up to 80% of revenue come from cinema distribution. In addition, other factors which have affected the industry include the withdrawal of foreign partners from co-production projects, the refusal of private investors to provide film financing, lower export revenues from the sale of content to foreign markets, and the lack of Russian analogues to replace foreign hardware or software in film production. How has the film business changed, given the sanctions imposed and the departure of major international players from the market? New formats and approaches in the operation of cinemas and online platforms. What models of interaction between content producers, OTT platforms, and cinemas are currently in use? How are domestic producers approaching new content? What content is in the greatest demand from consumers? What are the current tools to support film production and opportunities for international cooperation?

Ivan Kudryavtsev, Anchor, Russia 24 TV Channel; Editor-in-Chief, Movie Industry Show

Alexander Akopov, Director, HSE Film Institute
Alexey Byrdin, General Director, Internet Video Association
Alexey Voronkov, Managing Partner, Cinema 5 Network
Olga Zinyakova, General Director, KARO Cinema Network
Fedor Sosnov, Executive Director, Federal Fund for Economic and Social Support of the Russian Cinematography (Cinema Fund)
Alexey Fursin, Head of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development Department of Moscow
Inna Shalyto, General Director, Roskino