Healthy Life Area

Bringing Patients and the Healthcare System Together: The Bonding Role of NPOs

16 Jun , 17:15–18:30
‘Healthy Life’ Programme
Panel session
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

The healthcare and social support system today offers people a broad range of services. Yet a number of factors restrict patients in making use of them all. These factors include awareness, red tape, how much time state medical and social service staff have at their disposal for working individually with their charges, the low level of digitalization in the regions and more. Assistance is provided by social projects that help the state machine to better satisfy people’s needs and build a system around the patient at the local level. Such joint work has a positive effect on living standards and promotes development of national approaches in medicine and social support. How could the state benefit from collaborating efficiently with NPOs and social business? Which factors impact on public satisfaction with social and medical services? How could the level of public confidence change is the state were to reject the declarative principle for receiving services? How do the latest technologies alter the long-standing approaches to organizing provision of health and social care? What examples of successful practices make it possible to organize a system around the patient and raise living standards?

Anton Yaremchuk, Chief Executive Officer, Vernoe Napravlenie Charitable Medical Assistance Search Service

Irina Gekht, First Vice-Governor of Chelyabinsk Region
Andrey Davidyuk, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Motorika; Chairman of the Management Board, Cyberathletics Union
Yuriy Zhulev, Co-Chairman, All-Russian Union of Patients
Faina Zakharova, President, Life Line Charity Foundation for Saving Seriously Ill Children
Yelena Martyanova, Director, Vera Hospice Charitable Foundation

Front row participants
Olga Borisova, Project Manager, Pomoshch (Help) Charitable Foundation
Yekaterina Popova, Director, Social Development Charitable Foundation