Youth Networking: Startups

18 Jun , 10:30–12:30
International Center For Joint Initiatives

Over the past decades, interaction between Russia and China has mainly been carried out through state organizations, intergovernmental commissions and diplomatic channels. But the younger generation is gradually becoming the engine of future growth, the majority of startup and SME leaders are the generation under 40 years old. They are most active in high value-added companies, especially in high-tech, medical, cybersecurity and cross-border e-commerce. As part of the discussion, it is proposed to discuss the prospects for interaction between young entrepreneurs from Russia and China. What are the successful examples of business development by young entrepreneurs in Russia and China? How do these companies change the country's economy and build a cross-cultural dialogue? What are the barriers to the development of global business and what support measures do entrepreneurs need?

Moderator: Elena Sushkova, ICJI, Head of China Division