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Digital Assets: How to Become Successful in the Metaverse?

15 Jun , 10:00–11:15
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Pavilion H, conference hall H23 (2nd floor)

The economy of the metaverse is estimated at over USD 1 trillion. 2021 saw a strong growth in user activity, while the NFT market has almost caught up with the global art market in terms of volume. The development of skills in the digital sphere provide new opportunities both for capital growth, and for business. So, what are metaverses and how to become successful in a system worth billions of dollars? What digital assets are the most effective? And what does the future hold for the fastest growing industry of our time?

Evgenia Belousova, Editor-in-chief of the TG-channel Luis Ivanovich Vyuton; Founder of the ed-community NFT CONF

Max Arnautov, Digital Artist, Virtual Clothing Creator
Artyom Krivda, Clothes designer; NFT collector
Varvara Lubova, Digital Arts Consultant
Руслан Мусин, Supervisor, NFT Marketplace Joy Space
Roberto Panchvidze, Managing director of Invite agency and co-founder of MDK
Evgenia Plotnikova, Founder, NFT CONF Ed Community
Maria Tarasova, Blogger; Founder, "KAKDELA" Live Communications Club

Front row participant
Elena Khlapina, General Director, Immersia SK