SPIEF.Junior Forum

Russia and the World: New Opportunities and Global Challenges as Seen by Young People

18 Jun , 14:00–15:30
Congress Centre, conference hall D2

We live in an age of structural change and great opportunities, in which, owing to globalization of processes and problems, not only the position of one’s own country needs to be taking in account but also that of other states. At the SPIEF.Junior plenary session, young representative of Russia and other states will share their map of the world, discuss the new challenges thrown at all society, their own countries and the world as a whole by the new ageу, and share their opinions and answers to these challenges. The young forum participants will talk about the future, global objectives and opportunities opening up before them in the economy, interaction with the environment and alternative energy sources, information and communications technologies, and explain why the younger generation might handle these problems mush more effectively.
- Which world problems are already being resolved by the younger generation and which still need tackling?
- Which challenges will the world encounter in the near future?
- What help should be offered to young people with their initiatives?
- How best to organize communications between talented and outstanding young people with one another throughout the world to resolve problems?
- Why should attention be paid to the opinions and projects of the younger generation?

Sergey Vishipanov, General Director, Facultetus