SPIEF Sport Week

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17 Jun
White Nights 2022 International Aikido Festival
This festival is taking place as part of the National Aikido Council of Russia’s calendar plan for in 2022, which was approved by the Russian Union of Martial Arts.
Its purpose is to popularize and develop Aikido in Russia, strengthen friendly and cultural ties between cities and clubs in and outside of Russia, improve skills, and share experience.

Access to the event as a spectator is open to all.

The event will comply with all COVID-19 safety measures.

17 Jun
10th International Anatoly Rakhlin Cup judo competition
The 10th International Anatoly Rakhlin Cup judo competition for boys and girls will be held on 15–17 June under the auspices of SPIEF. The first day of the competition will see medals awarded to boys and girls born in 2005–2007. The following two days will see those born in 2008–2009 compete for awards.

Anatoly Rakhlin was born on 23 May 1938 in Leningrad, and was a survivor of the siege. After serving in the Navy, he started his career as a coach. In 1962, he began working at the Turbostroitel sports club at the Leningrad Metal Plant. In 1964, Vladimir Putin, the future President of Russia, began training in judo with Anatoly Rakhlin. Under Rakhlin’s leadership the Turbostroitel sports club became one of the leading centres of judo in the country. In 2008–2012, he managed the Russian women’s judo team, which won the European Championships three times in the team event, and successfully performed at the world championships.

Access to the event is by invitation only.

The event will comply with all COVID-19 safety measures.

17 Jun
Битва взглядов
16 июня участники ПМЭФ смогут увидеть зрелищную церемонию «Битва взглядов», которая будет предшествовать турниру по боксу "Матч ТВ Кубок Победы".

Лицом к лицу на церемонии сойдутся лидеры сборной России по боксу Илья Попов, Руслан Колесников, Всеволод Шумков и другие участники турнира. Легендарный супертяжеловес, олимпийский чемпион Александр Поветкин и двукратные победители Олимпийских игр по боксу Олег Саитов и Алексей Тищенко станут гостями «Битвы взглядов». Церемония пройдёт на стенде Федерации бокса России, который впервые будет работать на Петербургском международном экономическом форуме. На стенде участники ПМЭФ смогут увидеть экспозицию, посвященную 30-летию организации, ознакомиться с направлениями деятельности и стратегией развития бокса в России. Командный турнир по боксу "Матч ТВ Кубок Победы" также пройдёт в рамках SPIEF Sport Week.

17 Jun
Roscongress Cup. Гала-матч по футболу
Гала-матч по футболу между командами ПМЭФ и Администрации Санкт-Петербурга пройдет 17 июня на стадионе «Петровский».

Организатор матча – Комитет Государственной Думы по физической культуре и спорту.

Доступ в качестве зрителя свободный.

Мероприятие будет проходить с соблюдением всех мер по профилактике COVID-19.

17 Jun
Yawara Challenge judo tournament
This will be the second edition of the Yawara Challenge judo tournament to take place under the auspices of SPIEF. One of the most successful clubs in Europe and Russia, Yawara–Neva, together with the Lokomotiv club, will compete against teams from Serbia and Iran.
The match-up tournament will consist of three rounds of five five-minute bouts. It will pit four men’s teams together, with the winning teams being awarded the Yawara Challenge trophy.

Key honours won by the Russian clubs:
Yawara-Neva – eight-time European club team champions (2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2017).
Lokomotiv – Europa League silver medallists (team competition, 2015).

Access to the event is by invitation only.
The event will comply with all COVID-19 safety measures.

17 Jun
Victory Cup Russian Boxing Tournament
SPIEF 2022 will host the first stage of the Victory Cup in boxing, a new series of team tournaments, which will culminate with a final held in July on the Red Square in Moscow. Olympic champion Albert Batyrgaziev and other leaders of the Russian national team will enter the ring as part of the teams representing various federal districts.

This is a doubles tennis tournament.

You may register for the event via the personal web office.