Reading in the Digital Age: How to Create a Generation of Successful People

06 Jun , 16:30–17:15
Pavilion G, Innovation Space
With the support of EKSMO-AST

In the age of global digitalization, the issue of intellectual and spiritual development becomes a guarantee of not only the personal growth of an individual but also a criterion for the success of a country. Technology should serve people and be managed by them. How should one help a child develop, how should we improve an adult’s qualifications, and what can seniors learn?
‒ What role does reading play in a person’s development and emotional and social intelligence?
‒ What formats stand up to a regular book?
‒ How can one provide access to the latest technology to every resident of every region in the country?

Within the session, the sides will sign a three-party agreement on opening a 'project office' for the development of culture and education in Russian regions.

Alexander Tsypkin, Writer

Welcoming address
Vladimir Medinskiy, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation

Marina Abramova, Vice President, Eksmo-AST Publishing Group; Chairman of the Regional Development Committee, Russian Book Union
Mikhail Vedernikov, Governor of Pskov Region
Sergei Glazyev, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation
Aleksandr Degen, Chairman of the Executive Board, Foundation Illustrated Books for Little Blind Children
Vadim Duda, General Director, Russian State Library
Vladimir Medinskiy, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation
Ilya Chukalin, Chief Executive Officer, Presidential Grants Foundation
Vladimir Yablonsky, Chairman of the Board, Association for Social Development