18 June, 09:00–10:30

Regional leaders from finance and government agencies will gather to discuss and debate a broad agenda, including the Eurasian Economic Union as a driver to revive and strengthen SCO investment cooperation, steps to foster cooperation in multilateral projects, SCO economic programme financing, and capitalizing on new market opportunities.


Key moments

We have discussed on numerous occasions how to combine the economic potential of all SCO member states, […] and we’ve discovered the right formula – national interests can only be taken into account when the entire organisation’s interests are accounted for.
Dmitry Mezentsev
We must establish a mechanism for working together in the area of innovation. After all, innovation is an engine, a motor that drives any type of cooperation.
Ping Yu
We need to transition to conducting mutual settlements in national currencies, and we believe that all the conditions are already in place for this.
Anatoly Aksakov