20 June, 18:00–19:15

Social networking platforms and mobile systems have enormous potential to accelerate broad-based, affordable, high-quality health care solutions. What should governments do to encourage the development of healthcare networks while maintaining necessary oversight and quality controls?


Key moments

When the government invests (in healthcare system) 1 euro, 2 or 3 euro needs to be invested by private sector or, probably, by local self-government authorities
Nicole Bricq
In the OSCE countries the economy due to implementation of the mobile medicine could amount to 400 billion dollars. This is the issue of effectiveness and those enormous funds which are saved due to effective reaction to appearing or potential problems and re-direction of these funds to other spheres in need.
Vasil Latsanich
If we want timely to renovate the major funds and modify medical institutions, the future certainly belongs to private-public partnerships.
Andrei Yurin