23 June, 12:00–13:15

In select markets relatively young universities are demonstrating that a combination of resources, energy, and talent can result in the establishment of a thriving research university in only a decade, challenging established players that have history and tradition on their side. What is the secret to success for the best research universities and what should institutions do to ensure competitiveness in the long run?


Key moments

The Ministry of Education should give universities the right to die... As public corporations, universities should emerge, achieve success, and leave the scene.
Andrei Volkov
We need to attract the best. That means focusing on the best students, focusing on the best teachers, and being uncompromising in this. As soon as you start compromising on quality in favour of quantity, you lose.
Yaroslav Kuzminov
Competition for people is intensifying year after year. Not only are there no longer any borders between countries; there are, in principle, no barriers to communication or to people moving around. Social barriers are falling, as are economic ones, and the question of competitiveness is becoming key.
Dmitry Livanov
The key word is change.... Since this is dictated by our rapidly changing world, information flows, changes in technology and changes in society. A university must change.
Vladimir Vasilev