Business Takes to Space

Business Takes to Space

1 June, 09:00–10:15

International space services market revenues are estimated at USD 300–400 billion, with the sector growing by about 5% per annum. As practice shows, space technology is an innovative business that can be successfully developed not only by governments but also by private companies. There are a number of examples where investment in space technology and research has not only generated strong returns, but also found broad application here on Earth. How ambitious should business be in exploring outer space and investing in related new technologies? What are the prospects for private business and how might the private sector reshape the space industry? What might be the impact of expanded activities relating to space exploration on humanity at large?


Key moments

Beyond 2030, we will face having to establish a space economy and develop projects that can pay for themselves.
Igor Komarov
Director General, State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS
Low Earth orbit will be deeply commercialized.
Bertrand-Marc Allen
President, Boeing International
Space is really a place of coopetition. Russia is a big space nation.
Eric Beranger
Chief Executive Officer, OneWeb
Fixed-line satellite communications are an international business where political aspects are very much toned down, so I see no serious obstacles to entering the global markets.
Yuri Prokhorov
Director General, Russian Satellite Communications Company
The next 20 to 30 years will see a tremendous breakthrough in non-profit use of outer space. Mankind’s indomitable passion for research and the development of crowdfunding systems will encourage huge numbers of people to invest in space projects in order to participate in the advance of humanity.
Sergey Nedoroslev
Chairman of the Board, Kaskol Group
To expand commercialization of space operations, companies must master the pre-investment stage and arrangement of project finance before they can build and operate space systems.
Nikolay Sevastyanov
General Designer, Gazprom Space Systems
Space is becoming closer to normal business, which means it attracts private money and people believe that they can make money in space. This is the new thing in people’s mindset over the last 3-4 years.
Nicolas Boutin
Partner, Managing Director, Global Head of Aerospace Practice, The Boston Consulting Group