Fashion as a Driver of Light Industry in the Russian Regions

Fashion as a Driver of Light Industry in the Russian Regions

1 June, 09:00–10:15

Fashion today is an innovative force that is helping several Russian regions to develop a creative economy and is contributing to the competitiveness of national light industry. Responding to shifting consumption models, the fashion sector has been at the forefront of introducing new materials and online services, and the advent of digital design and new production technologies has created fertile ground for disruptive startups enabling future growth. Having demonstrated domestic success, firms can seek international recognition and boost the country’s non-commodity exports. Can fashion become a driver for a creative economy, and what is its global potential? What steps should be taken to make Russian light industry competitive in a digital economy? How are Russian fashion firms adapting to changes in consumption models to maintain competitiveness in the global fashion sector? What should be done to help light industry develop innovative production technologies, and can the Russian fashion sector become a leader in this rapidly changing environment?


Key moments

The industry’s development might lead to establishment of a designer cluster including training, as well as promotion and dissemination of Russian products.
Georgy Poltavchenko
Governor of St. Petersburg
I believe the new materials know-how is precisely the vector for our future development strategy.
Andrey Burmatikov
Fashion Director, Faberlic
Having cooperated with a large number of companies, Inditex reported that the quality of the sewing offered by Russian enterprises meets global standards.
Viktor Evtukhov
State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Merging digital technology with the textile industry has created a foundation for faster transition to developing digital technology in light industry.
Pavel Konkov
Governor of Ivanovo Region
The St. Petersburg Government will introduce a set of tax and financial breaks to support light industry and the fashion industry.
Georgy Poltavchenko
Governor of St. Petersburg
The programme for development of light industry up to 2020 is aimed at tripling its share in St. Petersburg’s GRP.
Georgy Poltavchenko
Governor of St. Petersburg
Our country’s lack of a fashion industry in its internationally accepted definition is actually an advantage, since creating it from scratch is easier than transforming a huge industry.
Alexander Shumskiy
Executive President, Russian Fashion Council
The future belongs to those who have a big, young and educated creative class capable of creating new products.
Dmitry Peskov
Director of the Young Professionals Department, Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (Agency for Strategic Initiatives)