Trends and Risks in Current Venture Investing

Trends and Risks in Current Venture Investing

1 June, 11:00–12:15

Amidst the new economic conditions, venture investments in high-tech companies can be very attractive, promising high returns – but they remain highly risky. What are the new approaches on the venture investment market? How should the risks of venture investments be assessed? What determines the investor’s decision and how should profitability and risk be balanced? What success stories are there on the global venture investment market?


Key moments

Venture funds are a growing trend today, since companies cannot develop breakthrough innovations without a venture capital arm.
Victor Orlovsky
‎Managing Partner, MoneyTime Ventures
Over recent years, the state has created a large number of innovative institutions, but it is important to bear in mind that this is a process that does not yield results immediately.
Kirill Androsov
Managing Director, Altera Investment Fund; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Aeroflot
Today, science and innovations in Russia travel separate paths: science reflects the volume of accumulated knowledge, and innovations reflect the number of patents that have been put to practical use.
Alexander Galitsky
Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Almaz Capital
The greatest number of successful companies (startups) is concentrated in those cities where universities systemically teach the skills of university entrepreneurship.
Arkady Dvorkovich
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
This decade is characterized by the dominant role of intellectual capital in a company’s work.
Ziyavudin Magomedov
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Summa Group
Today, we must resolve the problem of translating scientific research into technologies and products that could be further developed on the market.
Alexander Povalko
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Management Board, RVC