Russia—Serbia: Perspectives of Economic Cooperation

Russia—Serbia: Perspectives of Economic Cooperation

1 June, 11:00–12:15

Traditional friendship, cultural, linguistic and religious similarity and closeness characterize Russian-Serbian relations. Russia is a strategic, political and economic partner, as well as one of the leading foreign trade partners of Serbia. Serbia was and to this day remains Russia's key partner in South-Eastern Europe. However, are good political relations and an active political dialogue at the highest level accompanied by equally good economic cooperation? Which areas of the Serbian market are the ones that could use stronger presence of Russian companies and Russian capital, where are the unused hidden potentials? Are there any other areas Serbian economy has to offer for further developing and collaboration, besides the already traditional agricultural products export and construction services? Perhaps tourism and the auto industry?


Key moments

We are seeing active development of trade and economic ties between Russia and Serbia, above all in supplies of agricultural produce, tourism and construction.
Dmitry Rogozin
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
We will continue further liberalizing our trade relationship with the Russian Federation and are also looking for opportunities to create special economic zones for Russian producers.
Ivica Dacic
Acting Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia
Serbia is not just a partner for us – it is a friendly nation, so our main objective is to translate our bilateral relations into economic pragmatism.
Dmitry Rogozin
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Serbia enjoys an advantageous strategic and geographical position, which has a favourable impact on any large-scale transport or geographical projects that, in turn, could serve as a catalyst to attract investment from neighboring countries and from Southern Europe.
Dmitry Rogozin
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Serbia’s geographical location helps us develop maritime logistics to facilitate further exports of products to the European and Asian markets.
Branislav Nedimovic
Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia
We can see a big potential for cooperation with Serbia in the areas of manufacturing, energy and agriculture, with subsequent entry into third country markets.
Andrey Makarov
Acting Director of Europe, North America and International Organizations Department, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Raising bank resources and establishing a financial infrastructure are necessary for increasing the productivity and fruitfulness of trade and investment cooperation between Russia and Serbia.
Dmitriy Pankin
Chairman of the Management Board, Eurasian Development Bank (EDB)