1 June, 15:00–16:15

Most areas of Russian–French economic cooperation require planning and a long-term view of investment, with the strategic approach taken by France’s Total to Russia as a prime example. Could France become a ‘window to Europe’ for Russian investment? How can economic bilateral cooperation be expanded to joint operations in global markets? What are the new horizons for business collaboration given the recent French election results? Are there any prospects for lifting mutual trade and financial restrictions and how is that going to affect producers in both countries?


Key moments

The duty of the authorities is not to interfere with business interests but to create appropriate conditions, preferably ideal conditions.
Anatoly Artamonov
Governor of Kaluga Region
The common goal of Russia and France is to develop hi-tech entrepreneurs.
Igor Drozdov
Chairman of the Board, Skolkovo Foundation
Sanctions provide opportunities to work on improvement and a promising future.
Andrey Filatov
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tuloma Investment Company LLC
Despite the sanctions, there is big potential for cooperation. I hope the new pragmatic administration will realize this potential.
Alexander Shokhin
President, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)
Despite political hardships, a large number of French companies invest heavily in the Russian economy.
Gennadiy Timchenko
Founder, Main Shareholder, Volga Group
After localization, our priority is innovation with the creation of smart energy and application of software for oil and gas optimization.
Jean-Pascal Tricoire
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Schneider Electric
We joined a $10 billion project of developing the infrastructure to ease export of Russian gas to Europe.
Isabelle Kocher
Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE
Despite the sanctions we were able to enhance relationships with large Russian corporates and large banks.
Frederic Oudea
President, European Banking Federation; Chief Executive Officer, Société Générale