Russia–Italy: A New Standard in Economic Cooperation and Development

Russia–Italy: A New Standard in Economic Cooperation and Development

2 June, 16:30–17:45

This year is set to be a special year in many respects. It is hoped that 2017 will provide solutions for overcoming various obstacles which have arisen in recent times. But big business has no intention of passively watching events unfold; instead, it is working on a positive agenda, actively helping to stabilize the situation and normalize economic collaboration. It is in this area that Italian and Russian companies, which have many years’ experience of partnership and mutual trust, can set an example. A roundtable devoted to Italian–Russian cooperation is the perfect platform for dialogue on this subject. The event will bring together captains of industry from key sectors such as energy and finance or advanced technology and agriculture. Support for the efforts of big business from political leaders and entrepreneurial organizations could play a key role in the success of ongoing dialogue.


Key moments

I think there are more similarities that I find between us Italians and Russians than between Italians and some other nations.
Paolo Clerici
Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO, Coeclerici SpA
We know Russia is hungry for technologies. When we talk about know-how exchanges with Rostech and other companies we work with, it means that we implement the best and the most advanced technologies.
Marco Tronchetti Provera
Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice Chairman, Pirelli & C SpA
For us, Russia is a key partner in the energy sector. More than 40% of gas and more than 20% of oil come to Italy from Russia.
Carlo Calenda
Minister of Economic Development of Italy
People who work in Russia in terms of production culture, quality and technological standards are the best employees to be found. We see the highest level of professionalism of our local employees.
Francesco Starace
Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, Enel S.p.A
We absolutely need to look for working technologies where legislation is not violated, in particular, inclusion in global added value chains. This means not simply being proud of the term Made in Italy or Made in Russia, but promoting the terms Made with Italy and Made with Russia.
Alexander Shokhin
President, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)
Our relations are based not only on mutual benefits, but trust as well.
Arkady Dvorkovich
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
After 2014, we felt it would be appropriate to localize production here in Russia, and we found new growth points for ourselves: the establishment of production in Russia using very high-quality Italian technology.
Mikhail Kusnirovich
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Bosco di Ciliegi Group
We set the goal for all heads of our holdings to increase the proportion of civilian products to 50% or more.
Sergei Chemezov
Chief Executive Officer, Russian Technologies State Corporation
The audacity of the Italian entrepreneurial spirit and the subtlety and quality of the Italian banking school are the qualities that make Italy a unique partner for Russia.
Pavel Fedorov
First Vice-President, Rosneft